Kurios by Cirque Du Soleil

17492900_668832293307317_8278888082555387871_oCome immerse yourself in mind-bending reality for an evening.  It’s unforgettable!

In Kurios: Cabinet of Curiosities, Cirque du Soleil delivers one of its finest shows.

A 19th century scientist creates a world where illusion becomes reality and anything can happen.

The show consists of acts which defy logic and surpass imagination.  A woman rides a bike through the air and turns it into a mid-air balance beam.  A dinner party turns topsy-turvy as dinner guests hand balance on chairs with a surprise ending. Colorfully-attired contortionists meld into living body art with an unforgettably mesmerizing display of movement. The invisible circus and man-meets-woman comic act contain some of the wittiest and most imaginative charades we have ever seen. And many more acts make the evening complete with Cirque Du Soleil’s world-class talent.

As with all Cirque productions, you have got to see it to believe it. We encourage you to come experience the magic of Kurios from April 6 – May 21, 2017 under the Grand Chapiteau at Sam Houston Race Park.   Find details here.

Rating: 5 Stars!  Best

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