BEST Cooking Preparation Accessories Product Award 2010 Nonstick Knives Colori

BEST Award 2010

BEST Cooking Preparation Accessories Product  Award 2010 goes to 3 outstanding recipients:  Tramontina, Kuhn Rikon, and Dexas.

Nonstick Knives Colori by Kuhn Rikon

Nonstick Knives Colori by Kuhn Rikon come in a variety of sizes to meet all of your cooking preparation cutting needs.  The Paring Knife Colori scored top ratings across the board.  Its is a cooking prep must-have.  It is one of the most useful knives a consumer could own, due to its size, versatility, and long-lasting sharpness.  The Paring Knife Colori comes in a variety of colors, including pink, which adds a touch of zest to a sometimes menial task.  Kuhn Rikon also makes a Nonstick Small Santoku Knife Colori, a Japanese-style knife which is perfect for chopping and slicing meats.  Kuhn Rikon also makes a Nonstick Bread Knife Colori, which  enables hassle-free slicing when cutting bread loaves into perfect slices.

Visit the Nonstick Knives Colori and assorted knife collection by Kuhn Rikon here.

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