BEST Travel Luggage Award 2010

BEST Award 2010

BEST Travel Luggage Award 2010:  International Traveler IT-0-1-3 Piece Luggage Set.  We believe that less is more when it comes to travel luggage.  The lighter-weight your luggage, the more carefree your travels.  Whether you are on a short or long trip, and especially if you are traveling to several destinations, your suitcase feels more and more like a 100-pound gorilla with every day you have to lug it around.  This is why we chose to give the Best Travel Luggage of the year award to the International Traveler

international_traveler_luggage_IT-0-1IT-0-1-3 Piece Luggage Set by Landor & Hawa. Their Sub-0 luggage is the most lightweight on the market. It is also surprisingly durable.

Competitors we considered: Samsonite, High Sierra Sport Company

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