Pacsafe Slashproof Bags A Must-Have For Travelers

Pacsafe Slashproof Bags

Pacsafe slashproof bags are a must-have for travelers.  Pacsafe makes high-quality slashproof bags that will last you for years to come.

All PacSafe travel gear is made with zipper pullers which attach to security hooks, slashproof straps, and eXomesh body panels. Pacsafe products contain RFID blocking pockets to protect your credit cards and passports from identity theft. Each product contains a large tag explaining all slashrpoof features.

We recently reviewed the following and highly recommend them:

Venturesafe 150 Cross Body – This pack is especially great for adventure travelers and guys looking for a comfortable slimline slashproof bag.

Slingsafe 300 GII Backpack – The Slingsafe 300 GII is water repellant. It is spacious enough to hold an iPad or 13: laptop. It also contains an umbrella side pocket and water bottle pocket.

Slingsafe 200 GII Shoulder Bag – This shoulder bag is a sleek purse which is just large enough to carry everything women need for travel. It is spacious yet compact. It offers sophisticated protection without bulk.

Citysafe 350 GII Backpack – We give this backpack our “Best Rated Seal of Approval”! It truly is the “best of the best”. We liked that it was a smaller version of the Slingsafe 300 with all the same features yet in miniature. We especially liked the shoulder straps; they are thin and sturdy, making for a winning combination for travel. This backpack is built especially for women. You’ll love it.

Citysafe 350 can carry at 13″ laptop, iPad, and more.

Find these great slashproof bags and more at

Rating: 5 Stars! Best!

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Writing In The Rain Has Never Been Easier

All-Weather Birder's Journal

For birders and field journalists, writing in the rain has always been a challenge – until now.  National Geographic carries an all All-Weather Birder’s Journal.  It’s made of rain-resistant paper and comes in a convenient carrying case.

We tested it and found that when rain lands on the pages, it beads up.  You can easily brush it off.  But if you leave it there, the paper is thick enough to retain its original composition and will not turn into a wet paper rag.

The journal works best with a pencil, though a special pen is also available.

Rating: 3 stars!  Good!

Find this great product and more at

All-Weather Birding Journal In The Rain


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Most Comfortable Compact Hammock

DoubleNest Hammock

If you are looking for a hammock that holds two comfortably, we have a recommendation for you.  Eagles Nest Outfitters makes a compact Double Nest Hammock.  It is made of high-strength breathable woven nylon, which lends to durability.  It can hold up to 400 pounds.  It weighs 22 oz. and comes with a Slap Strap Hammock Suspension System that weighs 12 oz.  So the total system weighs 34 oz.

The DoubleNest Hammock comes in a compact drawstring bag.  We tried the DoubleNest Hammock in Blue/Olive Green.

Eagles Nest Outfitters makes hammocks that are built to last and very comfortable.  Started by two brothers in 1999,  the company has grown from a two-person + 1 sewing machine operation into a solid company which sells reputable hammocks to like-minded people across the globe.

The Double Nesting Hammock is the most comfortable compact hammock we have tried.

To see this product and more, visit

Rating: 5 Stars!  Very Good!

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Travel Pants That Never Go Out Of Style

Travel Pants That Never Go Out Of Style

Every travelers needs a few good pairs of black pants. You can wear black pants with anything. The key is to find travel pants that are both comfortable and stylish.

We recently tried two pairs we recommend: Trapunto Stitch-Pocket Pants and the Wear-Everywhere TravelFit Pants.

Trapunto Stitch Pocket Pants drape softly and comfortably across your figure. They go well with the 3-in-1 Jacket.

The Wear-Everywhere TravelFit Pants are a travel wardrobe classic. These black twill pants are designed with an elastic waistband for added comfort. They also contain a secret pocket. We tried them and we recommend them.

Find these travel pants and more at

Rating: 3 stars! Good!

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VaultPro Gateway Handbag

VaultPro Gateway Handbag

Magellans makes a line of slashproof handbags that are some of the best available on the market today.  If you’re looking for a slimline handbag that will carry your essentials but won’t be bulky, we recommend the VaultPro Gateway Handbag.

This handbag is stylish and compact.  It contains a deep zippered compartment for a water bottle or umbrella.  It is made of steel armor mesh with silky nylon and an adjustable 55″ strap.

Find it here at

Rating: 4 Stars!  Very good!

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Magellans Travel Product Recommendations Fall 2013


VaultPro RFID Fast Track Organizer

Mini Pocket Monocular

Oh, say, can you see? With the Mini Pocket Monocular, you can. This Monocular won’t take up room like binoculars. And it still gives you the ability to see items far away. Built with 7X magnification and lightweight design, you’ll want to bring it along everywhere. Includes case, lanyard and lens cloth.

Find it here:

Travel LCD Alarm Clock

Compact yet easy to read, Magellan’s Travel LCD Alarm Clock is sure to become a fast travel favorite. It’s gray, so you will be less likely to leave it behind than you might if it were black.

Find it here:

VaultPro RFID Fast Track Organizer

Serious travelers know the best way to travel is as lightly as possible. For women, this means choosing a purse that won’t weigh you down. In our opinion, every woman needs an ultra-small crossbody to carry her essentials. Magellans makes an ideal fit for your need. The VaultPro RFID Fast Track Organizer is small yet spacious. Specially-designed compartments will carry your essentials. Lipstick, mints, billfold, and airline tickets will all fit in this handy carrier.

Best of all, it has RFID blocking technology.

Find it here:

Product ratings: 3 stars!  Good!

Magellans offers a vast array of travel products which contribute to optimal travel experiences.  We regard them as a “best of the best” travel product supplier.

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Cutco Is A Cut Above!

Products reviewed:

Cutco’s Mini Cheese Knife #2164 and Vegetable Knife #1735

Mini Cheese Knife by Cutco

Slice, dice, and don’t think twice! If you are looking for “best of the best” in knives, we have a recommendation for you.

We recently tested the Mini Cheese Knife and the Vegetable Knife by Cutco. Both are must-haves for both novice and experienced cooks.

The Mini Cheese Knife is the perfect size for slicing cheese – and other small foods, including potatoes. The built-in holes cause it to slice easily and make you feel like you are cutting through butter.

The Vegetable Knife is large and sturdy. It makes vegetable chopping and cutting extremely efficient.

Both knives give cooks exactly what they are looking for: they give them an ability to prepare food with extraordinary ease.  They make a great holiday, birthday, wedding, or anytime gift!

You can find these knives at

Rating: 5 stars! Best of the Best!

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Back To The Massage Basics With Homedics

Homedics offers a line of therapeutic massage products.  We have tried several.  Our favorite two Homedics products are the portable massage chair and the foot massager.

The Homedics Deluxe Shiatsu Massage Cushion works best in a straight-backed chair.  It has massage balls, heat, and vibration.  This multi-function massager is operated by a remote control that is attached to the chair.  You can select upper, lower, or full–backed range.  We find it is especially helpful for therapeutically applying mechanized pressure to concentrated areas of tension.  The portable massage chair can pinpoint those tension areas via remote in order to soothe the specific location you need.  One of our reviewers has a tendency to tense up their shoulders and finds the Homedics chair to alleviate tension.  This is a favorite for our male reviewers.

Although nothing compares to a massage given by a human being, these well-made massage devices will get the job done to relax your back.  You can find the Deluxe Shiatsu Massage Cushion  <a href=””>here</a>.

Rating: 3 Stars!  Good

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Rick Steves Travel Accessories

In the dead of Winter, don’t you wish you were somewhere else?  Be a snowbird and head South….or East or West…The key is just to get a change of scenery. That’s one of the best parts of travel.

We have a few recommendations on travel accessories to take with you.

Rick Steves makes a line of useful, travel-tested accessories that will add to your travel experience.  We recently tested the following and highly recommend them:

Picnic Set -When traveling, it always helps to bring your own forks, knives, and plates.  Why?  Because it will save you money, especially in Europe, but anywhere, really.  One of the most inviting and memorable travel experiences can be found just going to the local market and picking up a little of this and a little of that so you can eat what locals eat.  It’s oftentimes cheaper than eating in a restaurant and faster, too.

We recommend Rick Steves’ picnic set for the occasion.  It’s a knife, fork and spoon set in a tube that will fit in your carry-on luggage.  It also contains a corkscrew.  If you’re not sure whether the airport you are traveling through will approve the corkscrew, you can leave it out.  But the set is TSA approved.  When we tested it, we found it’s a little bigger than we thought it would be, but it’s a good set for the main reason that it is made of sturdy plastic and comes in a sturdy tube.  So, it will last and it will bring you many happy picnics on your travels.

Find the picnic set here:

Travel Aid Kit-Rick Steves makes a travel aid kit that will be helpful to have just in case you need it.  It contains basic essentials, like bandaids, an antiseptic towelette, and insect bite relief.  It also contains a sewing kit, tweezers, and small scissors.  It’s worth having just in case you need it.  It will get you started if you should need it.

We recommend this kit for travel in Europe.  If you are going to Latin America or other tropical places, we suggest that you also add a few more bandaids and take along insect repellant as well.

Find the Travel Aid Kit here:

Travel Umbrella — Rick Steves Travel Umbrella is one of the best we’ve seen.  It has a slender design yet opens wide.  It’s compact and lightweight, so you’ll hardly notice you’ve brought it – until you need it — and then, you’ll be so glad you did.

Find the travel umbrella here:

Set of 3 Mini Moleskine Pocket Notebooks – Pocket notebooks come in handy so you can jot down notes while on tour and compile them later. As writers and journalists, we love them.  You can purchase them individually or as a set.  We suggest you buy the set.  You’ll use them!

Find the Set of 3 Mini Moleskine Pocket Notebooks here:

Find these great products and more at

Rating: 4 Stars!  Very good!

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Dual-Voltage Micro Turbo Hair Dryer

If you’re looking for a travel accessory that will save you time, carry a travel hair dryer with you.  You can use a travel hair dryer to dry your hair, of course!  But you can also use it to dry your clothes!

If you want to make the most of your carry-on, you have to be able to wash clothes on the go, even if it’s just undies and nightshirts…but the most difficult part behind the theory of “wash n go” is drying the clothes!

If you travel to tropical, humid places like we do, then you know how quickly clothing can become moldy and musty if you dry it overnight.  That’s why having a travel hairdryer will really freshen things up.

We recommend the Dual-Voltage Micro Turbo Hairdryer carried by Magellans.   It’s compact, powerful, and you can even purchase it with a set of adaptor plugs.

Find it here at

Rating: 4 Stars!  Very Good!

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