Best Outdoor Apparel: Fall 2011

Hi-Tec Vector Nighthawk

Fall is just around the corner.  Nothing enhances travel more than having  a”just right” travel jacket and shoes for the occasion.  Our recommendation?  Hi-Tec.  Hi-Tec combines style, functionality, and advanced technology to make products which are a cut above in the outdoor apparel industry.

We recently tested a few Hi-Tec products which we found to be perfectly suited for travel and leisure in the Fall and beyond. We highly recommend them.

The Hi-Tec V-Lite Nighthawk Vector is one of the most secure yet comfortable pair of shoes we have ever tried.  They offer great support.  They are made with Hi-Tec’s advanced technology.  It’s called Ion-mask Hydrophobic Technology.  This technology gives the shoes a special, unusual ability to resist water absorption.  It’s not just a coating, but it is a technology built into the shoes.  It really works!

We tested the Men’s V-Lite Total Terrain Lace shoes as well.  They are made with the same waterproofing technology.  They are also very comfortable, stylish, and durable.

Hi-Tec V-Lite Total Terrain Lace

Hi-Tec also makes superior outdoor apparel that withstands the elements without compromising comfort.

The Women’s Loon Lake Shell provides rainproof, wind-guarding comfort while enhancing your stylish figure.  Best of all, this jacket is fully seam-sealed.  If a jacket is not fully seam-sealed, it will not keep out wind and rain, no matter what the package claims.  The Loon Lake Shell truly achieves rainproof protection.

We also like this jacket because it is well-designed to give a slimming, flattering fit yet feels very comfortable.  The Loon Lake Shell also contains adjustable velcro straps to tighten the sleeves.  In other words, no rain can get through this jacket.  This is a must-have for the serious traveler.

Hi-Tec Loon Lake Shell

We also tested the Men’s Wildcat Canyon Zip Off Pant.  These pants add to travel versatility because they function as pants or shorts.  They also contain 50+ SPF built-in sun protection.

If you want to achieve the “best of the best” travel balance of low-maintenance, high-tech travel, Hi-Tec is the way to go.  Our reviewers unanimously agree Hi-tec acheives “best in class” in  our five-star standard of excellence.  For this reason, we recommend them for Best Outdoor Apparel: Fall 2011.

Rating: 5-Stars!  Best!

You can find it here at



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Best Birding Accessory 2011

I-Flyer Birdsong Scanning Wand



If you like birding, you’ll love this! The I-Flyer BirdSong Scanning Wand by Identiflyer allows you to recognize birds and hear their songs immediately!

The BirdSong Scanning Wand packs neatly into a compact, hard travel case which is efficient for storing the Scanning Wand and BarCode ScanBook. The Identifyer BirdSong Scanning Wand is built like a jumbo pen. It has built-in volume control.

We tried out this product in a wooded pine forest in the Central United States. We put bird food in a feeder and waited. Soon, a cardinal arrived. So we turned on the I-Flyer BirdsSong Scanning Wand, found a picture of a cardinal in the I-Flyer BarCode ScanBook, and played it for the cardinal. Suddenly, 3 other gorgeous red cardinals arrived and a female, also. Their curiosity got the best of them, so they had to come see what all the fuss was about.

It was thrilling to know that we had called the birds and they came! We began to call several other birds as well, including yardbirds, such as Blue Jays, Robins, Crows, and a Woodpecker. Each bird began responding in the forest and some of them flew overhead or perched in a tree nearby.

When we played the woodpecker, the forest really stirred up as three woodpeckers began calling back. They were quite persistent. We set out to find them to discover why. To our delight, we got to see a momma woodpecker feeding a baby woodpecker in the hole of a hollowed-out tree.

Now, we call the I-Flyer BirdSong Scanning Wand our “magic wand”. It brings so much joy and delight into our lives to be able to interact with birds and the beauty of nature on a closer and more educated level that enriches the lives of everyone who enjoys nature as a part of their travel or leisure. Whether you are a seasoned birding expert, a novice, or just someone who enjoys the beauty of the outdoors in your backyard, this is a must-have product.

Editor’s Note: This really is a product for the whole family. Kids love it, too. It gets them out of the house and inspires them to explore our wonderful world. This product is an editor’s favorite!

You can find it here at

Rating: 5-Stars! Best!

This product was rated as “Best Birding Accessory 2011” by Best Rated Reviews.

iFlyer Birdsong Scanning Wand Video:

Courtesy of Identiflyer

Buy It Now!

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