Cirque Upclose: An Interview with Little Buddah

Cirque Upclose: An Interview with  Charli K. “Little Buddah”

A shy child, mother enrolled her in dance. Has been training with Cirque for 3 years. Began as a dancer, looked forward to acting aka: character with movement. Enjoys her role as Little Buddha in Dralion. A story of east meets west and a healthy balance of the elements: earth, air, fire and water. Little Buddha controls time and the beginning of time. She has the attributes of a child and the mind of an adult. Much like a “royal child” must meet his destiny, it’s not a choice although he is still a child.

A petite strawberry blonde from Australia with a warm, sincere smile. She interviewed so naturally. While small in stature, she walks with confidence, appears “taller”, and provides the audience with a larger than life performance. It’s obvious she’s a natural and LOVES what she does. In fact, I’d say all the members enjoy their jobs!

Talent recruiting utilizes a variety of marketing, including posters and word of mouth. “Hopefuls” apply to audition, after which they may be accepted into a database.  The performers work a 10 wk on. 2 wk off schedule. Touring is a difficult life for families, so they typically don’t.  In many regards the performers work schedule is similar to one who works on an oil derrick, several weeks on and 1-2 weeks off.

Charli feels privileged to be performing with such quality athletes. The performers love what they do and enjoy the help and inspiration they give to the audience. This keeps them fresh and energized along with the wholesome and quality meals provided for them by the catering crew. My observations of the dining area” fresh fruit, half a dozen buffet dishes with a variety of meals including vegan options as well as options with food sensitivities. Regular pltes and utensils were used, instead of plastics, paper…

Backstage includes a gym with numerous pieces of workout equipment and free weights. There are shoe painters and laundry crews to keep the uniforms in order. 24 loads of laundry = 12 racks of costumes to inspect and insure ready for the performance. They have half a dz. washers and dryers. When speaking with Melody from the Costume department we learned they keep a Repair Kit ready for an ER trip to the performer, back stage, for a repair. Costume dept may also add a hidden pocket, etc. Costumes are made in Montreal, sometimes with hand dyed material from the dye department. There are two makeup cabinets, 8 drawers of various depths in 5’ x 4’ cabinets, that come together and lock for transport purposes.

The Dragon costume weighs 55#

The bamboo poles weigh 35#

The crossed wheel, designed by the actor, weighs 55#

Strong, vibrant, and multifaceted, Little Buddah is the perfect example of all that is extraordinary about Cirque du Soleil.   She is currently performing in Dralion, which performs in College Station at Reed Arena from March 21-25th.  Find out more at

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Cirque Du Soleil Performs Dralion in College Station March 21-25, 2012


Cirque will be performing Dralion in College Station at Reed Arena from March 21-25.  You don’t want to miss this!  The show is a spellbinding and mystical East-meets-West encounter of acrobatics, dynamic music, and a thrilling performance for all ages.

From March 19 to 25, 2012, Cirque du Soleil will be showcasing 7 Days for a Better World: An awareness program with a focus on World Water Day, on March 22. When purchasing a ticket for a show performance scheduled that week, you will be donating $5 to ONE DROP which aims at fighting poverty by giving access to safe water through innovative programs.

For those unfamiliar with Cirque du Soleil it is a theatrical, character-driven performance without performing animals. The clowns and characters keep you completely engaged, either sitting on the edge of your seat as you witness numerous performances by world class athletes or laughing so hard at the clowns antics that your side’s are splitting. Do wear waterproof mascara!

Cirque du Soleil, or “Circus of the Sun” is a Canadian entertainment company, self-described as a “dramatic mix of circus arts and street entertainment.” Based in Montreal, Quebec, Canada,

Cirque du Soleil is such an amazing reprieve from the daily stress of life’s responsibilities! De-stress!  Great ab workout as we doubled over in laughter, ah… those clowns!  Squatters with a story of their own, trying to steal the show.

The backstage tour earlier, was like smelling the aromas of a delectable meal being prepared, wetting ur taste buds. It was such an appetizer for the evening performance!

Acrobatic performances with hoops at various heights and performers going through at the same time, and jump rope routines with a variety of jumpers, from 1 -12, at one time, performing back flips, hand stands… while jumping!  The trampoline act included scaling walls, as if Spiderman, and amazing jumps, bounces, flips, turns, free falls from ledges and more…

Dancing choreography, musical scores and singing are without a doubt equivalent to the finest symphony, dance troupe….

Imaginary worlds: expressive eyes and body language, so much passion and desire portrayed in the “Fire” dance; the “Water” dance was mesmerizing and engaging, playful and beautiful. So much said without a single word spoken!

You can find out more and purchase tickets at


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Cirque Du Soleil Alegria in Houston, Texas November 10-14!

Cirque Alegria

If you want to experience the “best of the best” in entertainment, talent, and breathtaking stunts, Alegria is a must-see.  Since  1994, Alegria has delighted over 10 million people.  Our reviewers attended this wonderful production earlier this Summer.  It is a “Must-see”!  We highly recommend it.  It is a show for everyone: a date night, parents and kids.

Here are the details from the official press release:

“Alegría is a Spanish word that means happiness, joy and jubilation and features an international cast of 55 performers and musicians from 17 countries and showcases breathtaking acrobatics. Acts include the Synchro Trapeze and the intense and high-energy Aerial High Bars in which daring aerialists fly to catchers swinging more than 40 feet above the stage. The vibrancy of youth is alive in Power Track, a brilliant display of synchronized choreography and tumbling on a trampoline system hidden under the stage floor. In Russian Bars, artists fly through the air and perform spectacular somersaults and mid-air turns, landing on bars perched on the sturdy shoulders of catchers.”

Alegria will appear at Toyota Center for nine performances from November 10 – 14.  Ticket prices for adults are $4 – $80 (VIP $95); children (12 & under) $32 0 $64 (VIP $76); Military, Seniors, Students $ 36 – $72 (VIP $85.50).

Cirque Alegria Clown

Alegría tickets are now on sale at or by calling 1-866-446-8849 (Houston – Toyota Center).

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