Recycled Coffee?! Do You Really Expect Us To Drink That?

I recently stopped into a gas station to get a cup of coffee while traveling along the Texas Coast.  I walked in and the coffee pot was empty. So I asked the attendant if he had any fresh coffee.  He said “No” and that he would be glad to make some.  Then he pulled out the already-brewed grounds in the coffee pot, saw they were full, pushed them back in, and let her drip.  “He can’t be serious!” I thought.  But he was.  I politely declined and headed down the road to find a fresher cup of coffee elsewhere! ~Keith

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Hairy Carrots?!

Carrots From Walmart

First, we saw the moldy berries.  Then, we smelled the rancid lunch meat.  But when we saw the hairy carrots, we knew we had to write about it.  Welcome to a rare review on the “worst of the worst” by Best Of The Best.

We pride ourselves on highlighting the “best of the best”.  But when we find a company or product engaging in or tolerating the exact opposite of what we espouse, we report that, also.  Our reviewers brought these items home from the store and when they pulled them out, they were in this condition!

“Save money.  Live better,” Walmart’s current motto says.  While we agree that Walmart offers many products cheaper than its competitors, unfortunately we have found one area that their moniker does not ring true: the produce department.  Our reviewers have tried to give Walmart the benefit of the doubt, but to no avail, have been surprised to find their “fresh food” gone bad in a short amount of time.  This has happened to several of our reviewers several times, causing us to say “No, Thank You!” to Walmart fruit and produce.

“Hairy Carrots!”  The phrase could replace some of today’s common expletives.  Some of us have started using the term.  And it’s working for us.

We appreciate the overall idea that one can “Save money. Live better,” shopping at Walmart.  But we really hope they will improve their quality  check before they corrode consumer trust, like they did ours in the produce department.


Carrots From Walmart

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