Ideal Travel Clock For Heavy Sleepers and Hearing Impaired

When traveling on business, it is fairly common to have the front desk give you a wake-up call.  However, we never like to leave anything to chance, so we always carry a travel alarm clock.  Finding an alarm clock that is easy to read, easy to operate, and easy to carry in smaller luggage and yet loud enough has been a challenge.

Magellans Folding Alarm Clock 92 db

In looking for an ideal travel clock, we looked for three specific qualities: that it would be easy to pack, a loud alarm, and ease of use.  THECLOCK will fit in the palm of your hand, closes flat, is simple to use, and has an alarm that will wake up heavy sleepers and those hard of hearing.  This clock has all the features we need to get sound sleep and a resounding wakeup.  By far, the best feature of this clock is the volume at which the alarm rings.  You will not sleep through this alarm!

You can find this great product and more here at

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The Pillow Bar Sets A New Standard In Luxury Pillows


Dr. Mary Side Sleeper

Many people are looking for a good night sleep. A comfortable bed, a cozy blanket, and luxurious sheets.  The right set of sheets can make a good night sleep very good. But if you are going to get a great night sleep, you need the pillow that is right for you.

We recently discovered a pillow company that makes custom fit pillows for your sleeping needs. It’s called The Pillow Bar.

A few years ago, Merrimac Dillon was looking for the perfect pillow. Many of the pillows she tried, the supposedly feather pillows, were filled with pokey feathers, not soft angelic down.

In her quest for the perfect pillow, she took to making several prototypes.  And thus, The Pillow Bar was born.  The Pillow Bar makes custom pillows filled with the highest-quality, most angelic down you can find.  We tried them and can certainly say, they make you sleep like an angel.

The Dr. Mary Side Sleeper Pillows are uniquely shaped to give you ergonomic sleeping comfort. it was designed by a Chiropractor specifically for dedicated side sleepers with neck and shoulder pain.  We have found that they make a great companion for sleeping and they also make great prop-up pillows.

Each pillow is custom-designed and measured to fit your body just right.  It comes with a beautifully embroidered pillowcase to make it intimately personal.  The Dr. Mary Side Sleeper Pillow is also available in a smaller-sized travel version, the Jetsetter.

You can find these amazing pillows and more at

Rating: four stars! Very good

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Back To The Massage Basics With Homedics

Homedics offers a line of therapeutic massage products.  We have tried several.  Our favorite two Homedics products are the portable massage chair and the foot massager.

The Homedics Deluxe Shiatsu Massage Cushion works best in a straight-backed chair.  It has massage balls, heat, and vibration.  This multi-function massager is operated by a remote control that is attached to the chair.  You can select upper, lower, or full–backed range.  We find it is especially helpful for therapeutically applying mechanized pressure to concentrated areas of tension.  The portable massage chair can pinpoint those tension areas via remote in order to soothe the specific location you need.  One of our reviewers has a tendency to tense up their shoulders and finds the Homedics chair to alleviate tension.  This is a favorite for our male reviewers.

Although nothing compares to a massage given by a human being, these well-made massage devices will get the job done to relax your back.  You can find the Deluxe Shiatsu Massage Cushion  <a href=””>here</a>.

Rating: 3 Stars!  Good

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Packable Backpack

Magellans Daytripper Bag Packable Backpack

If you are looking for a perfect-sized packable backpack, we found a nifty item that can really save the day!  The Daytripper bag by Magellans is a completely portable pack that stows away in a small zipper pouch until you need it.  The pack has ample space for any essentials you may need.  We like to stuff it in our pocket as a just-in-case bag.  It is a great on-the-go travel beach bag.  The outer pocket is lockable.  We also use it after swimming to carry our swimsuits and towels.  When not in use, this bag takes up only as much room as a pair of socks.  You can find this great bag at

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Best Hiking Shoes For Travel


Harmony Lace by Hi-Tec

Going hiking but dreading taking your heavy hiking boots with you?  At Best Rated Reviews, we always aim to pack light.  We recently discovered a truly amazing pair of hiking shoes that we recommend as the “best of the best” for lightweight travel.

Harmony Lace by Hi-Tec is a pair of hiking shoes designed to function as a lightweight hiking boots without the bulk.  We tried them and found them to be some of the best hiking shoes we have ever tried.

Here’s why:

They are very comfortable for hiking shoes.  They are designed with just enough stiffness to give you the support you need while hiking.  Yet they are made of a comfortable, lightweight material.  Mesh allows your feet to breathe so they do not get as hot as they do in most hiking boots.

We also liked the design of the Harmony Lace.  They are stylish and their smoky brown/aloe color combination lends to professionalism.

These shoes also contain a moisture wicking lining and anti-odor, anti-microbial Ortholite sockliner.    Their durable Vibram rubber outsole gives added protection to your feet.

Harmony Lace Women’s Shoes Rating: 5 Stars!  Best!

Also, if you are looking for a well-built, affordable pair of sandals to complement your active travel wardrobe, we recommend Hi-Tec’s Waimea Falls.

These sandals are made with a durable rubber outsole and a sculpted footbed to provide sure-footing.  These are some of the most affordable sandals we have seen for the quality at $40 a pair.

Waimea Falls Women’s Sandals Rating: 3 Stars!  Good!

Find these great shoes and more at



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Hand Reflexology Massager


We recently discovered a new, innovative product: The Hand Reflexology Massager.  Carried by Hammacher Schlemmer, the Hand Reflexology Massager is portable, lightweight, and electronic.  It features 3 different pressures, massages in 5, 10, and 15 minute increments, and contributes to better health.

During testing, we found that we preferred the lowest pressure setting.  It gave an invigorating massage with ample pressure.  The Hand Reflexology Massager also contains a heated massage option for additional relaxation and health.

This product is designed based on the meridian theory of Chinese medicine.  It is especially suitable for people who spend extensive amounts of time working on a computer.

Although nothing is better than getting a massage from a real person, the Hand Reflexology Massager will leave your hands feeling more relaxed and ready for the next task.

Find it here at www.Hammacher

Rating: 3 Stars!  Good.

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Echo Designs Spring 2012 Collection

In response to one of the most popular questions we receive, “How do I add zest to my travel wardrobe?”, here’s our answer:

You can add Spring flare to your travel, business travel, and leisure wardrobe with great scarves.  A great scarf will last for years to come, does not wrinkle easily, and is comfortable, stylish, and packs well.

One of the most innovative yet classic brands we have found.  Here are a few recommendations.  When we tested them, we found them especially suitable in the area of durability, comfort, style, and packing well.

Echo Designs Spring 2012 Collection recommendations:

Top Picks:

Vintage Baroque Scarf

Vintage Baroque Status Scarf

This scarf is truly gorgeous.  It instantly transforms a plain travel garment into formal elegance.  The baroque print is quite unique, classic, and museum-quality.

Vintage Paisley Neckerchief

This neckerchief is bright for Spring  and yet a fancier paisley than most.  The paisley is ornate.  The scarf is made of silk.  It takes paisley to a whole new level.

Spring Paisley Scarf

Spring Paisley Scarf

This scarf is also a work of art.  The paisley design does not overpower one’s natural features, but rather complements.  The green, yellow,and aqua color scheme reminded us of the soft green of Spring, that moment when the new leaves bud on the trees just after Winter has passed and everything glows green.

We also recommend:

Floral Bamboo Wrap

 Floral Bamboo Wrap

This bold and cheery wrap boasts an array of bright-colored flowers.  It is crafted from eco-friendly bamboo and surprisingly soft.  This scarf is a sure head-turner.  It makes an eye-catching hair-fashion accent, too.

You can find these beautiful scarves and more at

Rating: 5 stars!  Best!




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Best Mosquito-Beating Hammock

Ultralight Skeeter Beeter Hammock

When the weather turns warmer and flowers start to bud, Spring is here.  And that means Summer is just around the corner.  If you’re looking for a great way to relax in Spring and Summer, we recommend getting a hammock.

When most people think of a hammock, they envision a thick-roped hammock hanging between two palm trees on a beautiful blue beach.  When we think of hammocks, we think of Grand Trunk Goods.  We have considered recommending hammocks from a variety of companies.  But Grand Trunk Goods outshines them all.  The design of their products is superior–and they are especially appealing to the adventure traveler because they are lightweight, durable, and bear a design that takes all your travel needs into consideration: comfort, weight, and economy of space.

We recently tried the Ultralight Skeeter Beeter Hammock.  On first glance, we liked the way it is packaged.  The Ultralight Skeeter Beeter comes in a mesh sack which easily contains the hammock, mosquito netting, and net suspension kit.  It only weighs 20 oz.

This amazingly lightweight hammock can hold up to 250 pounds.  It contains two interior storage pockets which provide a handy corner to store small essentials.  Another cleaver feature?  You can just flip it over and lay on it without mosquito netting as well.  The mosquito netting fastens to two lines that overhang to create a mosquito net canopy.  Then, you can read a book without being draped in mosquito netting.

As we said, Grand Trunk Goods designers think of everything when they design gear.  The Ultralight is also great for backpacking, hiking, and taking anywhere, really.  And don’t forget you can even just use it in your backyard!

Grand Trunk Goods has also recently come out with 9 new, innovative products.  We know many of our readers have inquired to know what we think of them.  We are on a waitlist to test them.  We will let you know our findings as soon as possible.  Thanks for your patience.

Find this great hammock and more at

Rating: 5 Stars!  Best!



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Le Creuset Childrens Bakeware Set

Le Creuset

Cooking and baking together are two of the most special activities you can share with your children.  Baking is bonding.  You will make memories for years to come.

We have had several requests for a recommendation on children’s bakeware.  During most of our research, we came across bakeware sets which were just the right size but the wrong materials.  Oftentimes, manufacturers do not take baking for children seriously.  They create cheap plastic bakeware sets that will not stand up to the task.

We finally discovered a bakeware set worth recommending: the Childrens Bakeware Set by Le Creuset.  Le Creuset consistently scores high marks with us because the company makes great, high-quality products that are well-designed and will last for years to come.

The Children’s Bakeware Set by Le Creuset will teach your children to share the joy of cooking and baking by giving them hands-on experience “just like Mommy!”.

The Childrens Bakeware Set contains a mixing bowl, mini spoon, mini spatula, and six silicone baking cups.  The bowl is just the right size for little hands.  The set also contains durable recipe cards with easy-to-make yet delicious recipes your children will love to make, eat, and share.  This Children’s Bakeware Set is truly brilliant in design and function.  It comes in pink or blue.

You can find it here at

Rating: 5 Stars!  Best!

We highly recommend it!

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Trina Spring 2012

Trina Casablanca Collection

If you are looking for a sleek, contemporary style for your travel accessories, we recommend Trina’s Spring 2012 collection.  We recently reviewed the Casablanca Essential Weekender and Makeup Roll.  Each piece contains a bright green with white stripes outlined in brown.  The collection contains a protective plastic exterior.

The Casablanca Essential Weekender contains a waterproof insert and lining to store anything you are going to carry, including shampoo, makeup remover, or a wet swimsuit.  The Casablanca makeup roll is the ideal size to carry your makeup and get easy access to it.  You won’t lose sight of the Casablanca collection.  It is durable, well-made, and stylish.  The gold handles and accents add class and sophistication.  We recommend it as an accessory that will invigorate your travel accessory wardrobe.

Find out more here at

Rating: 3 stars!  Good!

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