Comfortable Men’s Wallet

Magellans Leather Front-Pocket Wallet

Men, when traveling, have you ever been at a crowded event or in an unfamiliar area where you just felt a little uncomfortable and wanted to have your hand on your wallet?  Many times in those situations, I have taken my wallet and moved it to my front pocket.  However, in doing so, it was bulky and uncomfortable.  Although I felt more secure, I continued to look for an alternative.

I found the solution at Magellans with the Leather Front Pocket Wallet.  This wallet has room for credit cards and cash.  Yet it is built with the same shape as the front pocket on men’s pants.  It is a bi-fold wallet.  Therefore, it is flat and will not give away the security measure.  It is made of sturdy leather which gives it both a professional and durable edge.  This is one wallet you won’t leave home without!

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Rating: 4 Stars Very Good

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