Best Duvet Cover: Echo Designs

Jaipur Duvet Cover by Echo Design

I can’t say enough  about the Jaipur Duvet Cover from Echo.  Not only does it look beautiful,  but it also feels just as good as it looks. The colors are vibrant and look exactly the way it is shown in the picture.  It completely brightens up a room.

I test-washed the duvet before I put it up and the color didn’t fade.  Echo makes products which are high-quality and long-lasting.   The material is very soft and very smooth to the touch; it feels like a much higher thread count than 400.   Also, the colors are very versatile and depending on the season or your mood you can give it more of a fall warmth look by accenting it with red and yellows, or breezy summer look by accenting it with white and aqua. The only thing you might want to remember is that the duvet is slightly larger than most standard queen size duvet, but I’d rather have a slightly larger duvet cover than a smaller one.  I highly recommend this product to anyone looking to liven up and bring some color and comfort to their bedroom.

I am from Nepal.  I am drawn to bright colors.  The Jaipur duvet will give your spirit a lift.

You can find it here at

Rating: 5 Stars!  Best!

~Chetana Baskota

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The Perfect Travel Blanket

Cashmere Blanket and Eye Shade

At Best Rated Reviews, we highly recommend taking a personal travel blanket on all of your travels.  You never know when you will need it.

Many travel blankets are available on the market today.  Yet most are thin polyester.  We believe part of making the everyday ordinary extraordinary, including travel, involves achieving luxurious comfort whenever possible.  What this means for travel blankets: the cozier, the better.

The perfect travel blanket offers a combination of warmth, weight, and softness.  However, it is much more difficult to find a travel blanket which offers all three qualities.  Most blankets are either too thin to be truly cozy, comforting, and warm.  Others are too thick to realistically pack in your suitcase.  We recently discovered the perfect travel blanket: the Cashmere Blanket.

The Cashmere Blanket is sumptuously soft and luxurious.   It comes with matching eye shades and carry case.  If you travel with it once, you will never want to leave home without it again!   It truly is the perfect travel blanket.  It is extremely warm yet lightweight.

When we tested it, our reviewers commented that it provides instant warmth.  We also liked that the eye shades warm the eyes.  The combination made us feel as if we were traveling in a cocoon of warmth.

This blanket will provide lasting comfort throughout all of your travels.  We highly recommend it!

Find the Cashmere Blanket here at

Rating: 5 Stars!  Best!

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