Coffee Talk: Jeremiah’s Pick

Jeremiah's Pick Italian Roast

It’s time for coffee talk!  Here’s what our reviewers are talking about.

Jeremiah’s Pick, a private label coffee company based in San Francisco, makes coffee that will take you places.  Founded in San Francisco in 1933, Jeremiah’s Pick prides itself on using the finest Arabica beans while buying from environmentally and socially responsible growers.

The Jeremiah’s Pick coffees we tested had an incredibly smooth finish.  Here they are:

Italian Roast — A dark roast coffee with hints of fruit and spice.  Complex and smokey. *Reviewer’s Favorite

Organic Vilcabamba — Strong body with hints of honey and dark plum.

Private Reserve — Dark Roast with hints of chocolate and nuts.

Pure Hawaiian  — Light roast with hints of macadamia nuts and honey.  Classic and creamy.

We noted that the flavors described were subtle, not dominant.

Overall: Jeremiah’s Pick brews a good cup of coffee and will make a nice pairing with breakfast, chocolate, or other treats you enjoy.

Rating: 3 Stars!  Good!

You can find Jeremiah’s Pick  here at


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Easy Milk Frother

Fall is just around the corner.  It’s time to get ready to enjoy warm, frothy coffee, hot chocolate, and lattes.  Why not start early?  You’ll enjoy them even more with the Capresso Froth Pro.  The Froth Pro is compact and easy to use.  It whips your milk into a creamy cold or warm froth or steam.  It is easy to use and easy to clean. 

We tested it with a variety of beverages: raspberry hot chocolate, milk ‘n honey latte, and Starbucks Via.  It transforms a glass of milk into a culinary masterpiece!  Kids will also love this.  It will make their drinks magic.  (Note: The heating plate is very hot, so this product is recommended for adult use only.)

The Froth Pro is an easy milk frother that will save you time and money on those lattes you love!

You can find the Froth Pro and more  here at

Rating: 3 Stars! Good!

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Capresso Grinder Is Impressive!

Capresso Infinity Conical Burr Grinder

We love great coffee.  Coffee grinders play a fundamental role in achieving great coffee at home and in the office.  We recently tested a coffee grinder that puts the jive in java.  The Capresso Infinity Conical Burr Grinder contains commercial grade conical steel burrs which produce the most flavorful grinds with less friction and heat than average coffee grinders.  The Infinity Conical Burr Grinder contains 16 grind settings to meet the coffee enthusiast’s most specific request. From Turkish coffee to espresso to French Press, you can make it all.

The Capresso Infinity Conical Burr Grinder is compact, sturdy, and easy to clean.  It contains a 4 0z. capacity container which removes easily from the grinder. The Capresso Grinder comes with an 8.8 oz. bag of Capresso’s Swiss coffee, Grand Aroma.  The coffee lived up to its description as having a “smooth aroma with a velvety flavor.”  The fact the grinder includes coffee is a memorable added feature.

This coffee grinder has all of the features we look for in a professional grade coffee grinder for home use.  We highly recommend it.

You can find this excellent Capresso coffee grinder and more at

Rating: 5 Stars!  Best!

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