Most Elegant Chip & Dip Servingware

Arthur Court Butterfly Chip & Dip Tray

Do you love to entertain your friends?  Do you want to make a good impression at a social or business gathering?  We found the perfect serving tray.  Not only is it large enough to handle a good quantity of chips and dip, it is also spectacularly beautiful.  The Arthur Court Butterfly Chip N Dip Tray effervesces quality and class.  The artwork depicting butterflies and flowers is outstanding.  At first glance, it appears to be more art than service.  It offers a three-dimensional glimpse into the world of butterflies.

When we hosted an office party, several of our clients and guests commented on how beautiful it was.  This tray truly exemplifies the quality that Best Rated is constantly searching for.  Arthur Court strives to be the Best Of The Best as well, as is evidenced by their outstanding masterpiece products.  You can find their 5-star products at

BEST Rated Gold Standard

Arthur Court is a Best Of The Best award-winning company.

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Best Americana for Coffee and Tea Time

Lang Butterfly Meadow Latte Mug

If you are looking to find joyfully delightful Americana, we have a recommendation for you: The Lang Company.  We first heard about The Lang Company at a calendar shop in the ’80s.  They make the Lang Folk Art Wall Calendar.  The calendar contains artistic Americana depictions of daily life in America.  Today, Lang makes a wide variety of quality Americana products, including mugs, calendars, planners, stationary, and more.  For us at Best Rated, this company helps proclaim the nostalgia of the American way of life, while also introducing touches of beauty and class to the home and life of those who enjoy their products.

The Lang Company makes kitchen products, including mugs and plates, that transform teatime into a party and coffee hour into a memorable occasion. 

5 Stars!

We tried their latte mugs and dessert plates in this review.  We highly recommend them.  The latte mugs are beautiful to look at while enjoying coffee or tea.  Their long, slender design keeps coffee and tea warmer longer than the average coffee cup.  They also fit perfectly into your cupholder when you are on the go!  The dessert plates add a special touch to serving chocolates, petite fours, or other small desserts with your coffee or tea.  Ready for tea time?!

We give Lang a five-star Best rating.  You can find these great products and more at
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