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Heat Seal Quick Start H320 Laminator

If you are looking to preserve your travel and leisure memories for all time, we recommend getting a laminator.  Today’s laminators are fairly compact, efficient, and streamlined.

We recently tested the HeatSeal QuickStart H320 Laminator by ACCO Brands. The H320 works well and has a sleek design.  It fits inconspicuously on any counter.   The buttons are easy to use.   It laminates documents in less than 1 minute.

We recommend using a laminator to preserve your travel documents as well as your memories.  For example, you can print out a wallet-sized currency converter sheet, laminate it, and carry it throughout your travels.  You can laminate pictures of your country, your state, and other special places and gift them as gifts to the people you meet during your travels.  You can laminate a copy of your passport.  You can laminate pictures and works of art you find along the way.

Although we thrive in the digital age, treasured items and information you can hold in your hands will always have their place.  Having a laminator in your home office allows you to make presentation materials with a professional edge.  Laminating your childrens’ artwork preserves it for all time.  We recommend the HeatSeal QuickStart H320.

Find this great product and more at

Rating:  3 Stars!  Good

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Stay On The Go With Duracell

In today’s communication age, one of the worst things that can happen to you while traveling is for your cell phone, camera, or computer to run out of power.  A word to the wise: always bring a charger with you.

Mandy Seymour, Managing Editor for Best Rated Reviews, had this happen to her.  “Once as I was traveling overseas, my flight became delayed by one day due to a heavy snowstorm in New Jersey.  My cell phone ran out of power and I couldn’t find a plug anywhere.  I needed to call to rearrange my travel plans.  I was at the mercy of someone who lent me their phone. ”

We have had several inquiries to research and test reliable electronic device chargers.  We looked into a few brands.  This year’s top pick: Duracell.

Here’s how you can stay on the go with Duracell:

For iPhone, iPod and Blackberry users: Duracell makes a 5 Volt Rechargeable Lithium-ion Battery that plugs into your laptop’s USB.  This charger gives your iPod 45-50 hours of battery life and your Blackberry up to 180 minutes.  What we liked best: This powerful battery is ultra-compact, sleek, and fits easily into your carry-on, purse, or pocket.

For cameras on the go: Duracell’s GoMobile Charger gives anytime, anywhere charge to your camera or small gaming devices.  It comes with a car adapter.  This charger holds 2AA or 2AAA batteries.  It gives you power in one hour.  What we liked best:  you can power up this charger in your car.

For Cameras on the go, Duracell also makes the GoEasy Charger, a compact, plug-in version of the GoMobile Charger.

All in all, Duracell’s chargers are must-have travel products.  We highly recommend them!

Rating: 4 Stars!  Very Good!

You can find these great products and more at

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Easy Milk Frother

Fall is just around the corner.  It’s time to get ready to enjoy warm, frothy coffee, hot chocolate, and lattes.  Why not start early?  You’ll enjoy them even more with the Capresso Froth Pro.  The Froth Pro is compact and easy to use.  It whips your milk into a creamy cold or warm froth or steam.  It is easy to use and easy to clean. 

We tested it with a variety of beverages: raspberry hot chocolate, milk ‘n honey latte, and Starbucks Via.  It transforms a glass of milk into a culinary masterpiece!  Kids will also love this.  It will make their drinks magic.  (Note: The heating plate is very hot, so this product is recommended for adult use only.)

The Froth Pro is an easy milk frother that will save you time and money on those lattes you love!

You can find the Froth Pro and more  here at

Rating: 3 Stars! Good!

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Best Birding Accessory 2011

I-Flyer Birdsong Scanning Wand



If you like birding, you’ll love this! The I-Flyer BirdSong Scanning Wand by Identiflyer allows you to recognize birds and hear their songs immediately!

The BirdSong Scanning Wand packs neatly into a compact, hard travel case which is efficient for storing the Scanning Wand and BarCode ScanBook. The Identifyer BirdSong Scanning Wand is built like a jumbo pen. It has built-in volume control.

We tried out this product in a wooded pine forest in the Central United States. We put bird food in a feeder and waited. Soon, a cardinal arrived. So we turned on the I-Flyer BirdsSong Scanning Wand, found a picture of a cardinal in the I-Flyer BarCode ScanBook, and played it for the cardinal. Suddenly, 3 other gorgeous red cardinals arrived and a female, also. Their curiosity got the best of them, so they had to come see what all the fuss was about.

It was thrilling to know that we had called the birds and they came! We began to call several other birds as well, including yardbirds, such as Blue Jays, Robins, Crows, and a Woodpecker. Each bird began responding in the forest and some of them flew overhead or perched in a tree nearby.

When we played the woodpecker, the forest really stirred up as three woodpeckers began calling back. They were quite persistent. We set out to find them to discover why. To our delight, we got to see a momma woodpecker feeding a baby woodpecker in the hole of a hollowed-out tree.

Now, we call the I-Flyer BirdSong Scanning Wand our “magic wand”. It brings so much joy and delight into our lives to be able to interact with birds and the beauty of nature on a closer and more educated level that enriches the lives of everyone who enjoys nature as a part of their travel or leisure. Whether you are a seasoned birding expert, a novice, or just someone who enjoys the beauty of the outdoors in your backyard, this is a must-have product.

Editor’s Note: This really is a product for the whole family. Kids love it, too. It gets them out of the house and inspires them to explore our wonderful world. This product is an editor’s favorite!

You can find it here at

Rating: 5-Stars! Best!

This product was rated as “Best Birding Accessory 2011” by Best Rated Reviews.

iFlyer Birdsong Scanning Wand Video:

Courtesy of Identiflyer

Buy It Now!

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World Adapter Set A Must-Have For Travel

Best Travel Converter

Traveling to Europe or Asia? Traveling around the world? Here’s a tip of the week for you! Most electrical outlets outside of the U.S. are not compatible to ours. Don’t wait to arrive at your destination only to find out that none of your electrical devices will work because you don’t have the correct electrical converter. Carrying a multi-adapter kit provides an easy, efficient solution to this problem. Magellans carries one of the best we have seen. The World Adapter Set is a comprehensive collection of every outlet converter you could possibly need around the world, with a handy guide telling you which converter to use where, in a mesh bag with a drawstring closure. You can find it here.

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Talking Clock Is A Travel and Leisure Dream

The old expression “time will tell” comes to life with the Moshi Clock. The sleek styling and small size, makes this the perfect travel clock. Push a button and give one of several available commands and the Moshi Clock gives you the time, alarm time, sets the alarm time, and many others. No more fumbling with remembering how to set the clock, just tell it what to do and it does it.

It also has various alarms to choose from. I like the cathedral bells. It starts softly, then gets louder each time it replays the sound. You will be up by the time it starts the third time through, believe me!

Time zones are a thing of the past with the Moshi Clock. Just give it the new time, and it is set for you. A great travel tool for the savvy traveler.

Find it here at

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Compact Video Camera And Projector In One!

Camrecorder Projector

Hammacher Schlemmer has really hit a home run with the 3M Projecting Camrecorder. When you hold the Projecting Camrecorder, you are holding a still camera, a video camera, and a projector all in one. This incredible camera will lay in an open hand and weighs just a few ounces. It is easy to use as well. As soon as we opened it, we easily took pictures and then projected them onto the wall. It is amazing that something as small as this can do what it does.

We recently took the Camrecorder Projector to a local lake to give it a test run. Suddenly, we saw an amazing sight: 40 beautiful, stark white egrets nesting in a tree. We took a video and still pictures of them. Then we got in the car and projected the video and pictures onto the ceiling.

Can you imagine videoing a family gathering and then projecting the event onto a wall or screen and watching it with your loved ones while still at the event?

The uses are only limited by your own imagination. We are stunned at the quality of the unit, the projection, and the videos. There is even a USB cable included so you can download pictures and videos from the Projecting Camrecorder to your computer. The Camrecorder also contains a port for memory cards. Note: We found the darker the room, the better the projector quality. Of course, this is the case with any projector.

You can find this cutting-edge product and more at

Rating: 4 Stars! Very Good!

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