Stay On The Go With Duracell

In today’s communication age, one of the worst things that can happen to you while traveling is for your cell phone, camera, or computer to run out of power.  A word to the wise: always bring a charger with you.

Mandy Seymour, Managing Editor for Best Rated Reviews, had this happen to her.  “Once as I was traveling overseas, my flight became delayed by one day due to a heavy snowstorm in New Jersey.  My cell phone ran out of power and I couldn’t find a plug anywhere.  I needed to call to rearrange my travel plans.  I was at the mercy of someone who lent me their phone. ”

We have had several inquiries to research and test reliable electronic device chargers.  We looked into a few brands.  This year’s top pick: Duracell.

Here’s how you can stay on the go with Duracell:

For iPhone, iPod and Blackberry users: Duracell makes a 5 Volt Rechargeable Lithium-ion Battery that plugs into your laptop’s USB.  This charger gives your iPod 45-50 hours of battery life and your Blackberry up to 180 minutes.  What we liked best: This powerful battery is ultra-compact, sleek, and fits easily into your carry-on, purse, or pocket.

For cameras on the go: Duracell’s GoMobile Charger gives anytime, anywhere charge to your camera or small gaming devices.  It comes with a car adapter.  This charger holds 2AA or 2AAA batteries.  It gives you power in one hour.  What we liked best:  you can power up this charger in your car.

For Cameras on the go, Duracell also makes the GoEasy Charger, a compact, plug-in version of the GoMobile Charger.

All in all, Duracell’s chargers are must-have travel products.  We highly recommend them!

Rating: 4 Stars!  Very Good!

You can find these great products and more at

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Compact Video Camera And Projector In One!

Camrecorder Projector

Hammacher Schlemmer has really hit a home run with the 3M Projecting Camrecorder. When you hold the Projecting Camrecorder, you are holding a still camera, a video camera, and a projector all in one. This incredible camera will lay in an open hand and weighs just a few ounces. It is easy to use as well. As soon as we opened it, we easily took pictures and then projected them onto the wall. It is amazing that something as small as this can do what it does.

We recently took the Camrecorder Projector to a local lake to give it a test run. Suddenly, we saw an amazing sight: 40 beautiful, stark white egrets nesting in a tree. We took a video and still pictures of them. Then we got in the car and projected the video and pictures onto the ceiling.

Can you imagine videoing a family gathering and then projecting the event onto a wall or screen and watching it with your loved ones while still at the event?

The uses are only limited by your own imagination. We are stunned at the quality of the unit, the projection, and the videos. There is even a USB cable included so you can download pictures and videos from the Projecting Camrecorder to your computer. The Camrecorder also contains a port for memory cards. Note: We found the darker the room, the better the projector quality. Of course, this is the case with any projector.

You can find this cutting-edge product and more at

Rating: 4 Stars! Very Good!

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