Best Duvet Cover: Echo Designs

Jaipur Duvet Cover by Echo Design

I can’t say enough  about the Jaipur Duvet Cover from Echo.  Not only does it look beautiful,  but it also feels just as good as it looks. The colors are vibrant and look exactly the way it is shown in the picture.  It completely brightens up a room.

I test-washed the duvet before I put it up and the color didn’t fade.  Echo makes products which are high-quality and long-lasting.   The material is very soft and very smooth to the touch; it feels like a much higher thread count than 400.   Also, the colors are very versatile and depending on the season or your mood you can give it more of a fall warmth look by accenting it with red and yellows, or breezy summer look by accenting it with white and aqua. The only thing you might want to remember is that the duvet is slightly larger than most standard queen size duvet, but I’d rather have a slightly larger duvet cover than a smaller one.  I highly recommend this product to anyone looking to liven up and bring some color and comfort to their bedroom.

I am from Nepal.  I am drawn to bright colors.  The Jaipur duvet will give your spirit a lift.

You can find it here at

Rating: 5 Stars!  Best!

~Chetana Baskota

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Temperature Regulating Sheet Set

Are temperature-regulating sheets just a good idea or a reality?

We tested the Outlast Temperature Regulating Sateen Sheet Set to see if they lived up to their claim. Here’s what we found:

The Temperature Regulating Sateen Sheet Set by Outlast are made with quality and fairly comfortable. They truly maintain your body heat. However, they are not as breathable as our reviewers hoped. Their capacity to maintain body heat outweighed their ability to cool. These sheets are made with a fabric developed for NASA astronauts to endure temperature extremes while in space You can find these sheets here.

Rating: 2-Stars! Fair!

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Best Feather Bed

Euro Rest Feather Bed

Am I in Heaven?

If you’ve ever laid on a feather bed, this is the only thought that crosses your mind: Am I in heaven?  Our readers and clients asked us to find the “best of the best” in today’s feather beds.  We found it!

The Pacific Coast Euro Rest Feather Bed is a cut above.  It delivers the perfect combination of comforting embrace and fluff.  Other feather bed mattresses we tried were too thin or too dense.  The Euro Rest Feather Bed is just right.  Even Goldilocks would think so!

After a hard day’s work or play, a good night’s sleep can be a refuge-if you get one. Sleeping on the Euro Rest Feather Bed is like sleeping on a cloud.  Pacific Coast makes high-quality, hypoallergenic products which will last for years to come.  The Euro Rest Feather Bed is a must-have for anyone who truly wants to sleep luxuriously every night.  This feather bed will give you the best night of sleep you have ever had.  You will sleep like a baby!  All of our reviewers agree!

Now, all we need Pacific Coast to make is a portable Euro Rest travel mat.  Wouldn’t that be heavenly?

You can find the Euro Rest Feather Bed and more at

Rating: 5 Stars!  Best!


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Luxury At Your Fingertips

Thomas Lee Luxury Linens

When it comes to making your home your castle, nothing is more heavenly than a great night’s sleep on luxury linens. Great linens make a great bedfellow! That is what we have found at Best Of The Best. If you want to invest in lasting quality, we recommend Thomas Lee Luxury Sheets, which, as the company says, “are guaranteed to exceed your highest expectations.”

The mission of Thomas Lee Ltd. is “to offer the world’s best quality home textiles directly to American consumers.”  They fulfill their mission by providing quality and elegance unrivaled by most competitors. We reviewed the 500 Thread Count PerfectCale bed linens made from 100% Pima cotton.   We found them to be luxurious, soft, breathable, and made with exceptional quality.

We have reviewed sheets by other manufacturers who have made similar claims, but have not lived up to their claims.

When you are looking to buy high-quality linens, always choose 100% cotton.  Cotton combined with polyester or any other fabric will lack breathability.  In other words, instead of a comfortable, cool night’s sleep, you may find yourself drenched in sweat.  Furthermore, Thomas Lee linens become more luxurious with each wash.

We highly recommend them.You can find these great sheets at

5 Stars

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Sheets That Put The “Aaaah” in Spa

Comphy At Home Collection

If you want sheets that put the “Aaaaah” in Spa, we have a recommendation for you.  We recently discovered and tested a wonderful luxury linen made by the Comphy Company.

Their sheets are as smooth as silk but thicker and more breathable.   They feel like 600-threat count cotton.  To our surprise, they are made of no-pill polyester and they are quite breathable. We have tested all kinds of sheets made of various materials over the years.  The Comphy @ Home Collection is truly a cut above.  We tested the Comphy @ Home Collection Sheets.  They come in a variety of appealing colors.

These sheets are so luxurious that they are preferred by some Ritz Carlton spas.  They will take your home spa living standard to a whole new level.  What we liked best: these sheets have a great silky-soft feel although they are not silk or cotton!

You can find these great sheets at more at

We highly recommend them!

Rating: 5-Stars! Best!

Rating: 5 Stars!  Best

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