Best Chopping Knife

Kuhn Rikon Kulu Knife

If you are looking for no-fuss chopping, we recommend the Kulu Herb and Vegetable Knife by Kuhn Rikon.  This knife has an innovative design which provides ergonomic comfort and enables rounded, natural cutting action.  In short, it is the easiest knife we have found for chopping.

We tested this knife with a variety of ingredients: fresh herbs, vegetables, and nuts.  It transformed chopping from a chore into an accomplishment!   It cut the herbs into beautiful slices or chopped them as we desired.

Our favorite use: chopping pecans and other nuts for baking.  Although several electric “choping and blending” machines claim to have chopping capabilities, we have found that most electric choppers pulverize nuts, reducing them to a mixture of a few chopped nuts, mostly ground nuts, and a fine powder, rather than only chopping them.

Some things are done best by hand!  That’s why we love the Kulu. We placed pecans in a flat-bottomed, round-edged stainless steel bowl and chopped them with the Kulu.  The Kulu allowed us to control the quality of the chopped nuts and achieve the results we were looking for.

We highly recommend it!

You can find the Kulu here at

Rating: 5-Stars!  Best!

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Best Knife Sharpener

Pro Edge Elite Knife Sharpener

The best knives are sharp ones.  That’s why every serious cook knows that you need a great knife sharpener to keep your knives at their best.  We recently tested the Pro Edge Elite Electric Knife Sharpener by Edgeware.  The Pro Edge Elite is a diamond and ceramic electric knife sharpener.  It will work wonders on every knife in your drawer.

Described as “the world’s most advanced knife sharpener”,  Edgeware’s Pro Edge Elite certainly lives up to its title.  The Pro Edge Elite sharpens with maximum effectiveness and efficiency. Furthermore, it only shaves off a minimal amount of metal.

In our testing and review, we found Edgeware’s claims to be true to the test.  Our favorite quality of this knife sharpener is that it sharpens both sides of the knife at the same time.  When you have one of these, you will be able to say goodbye to the old days of manual knife sharpening.

This electric knife sharpener is designed to sharpen a wide variety of knives, whether alloy, stainless steel, or carbon.  However, it is important to note that it will not sharpen serrated, single beveled, or ceramic knives.

It is called a “diamond and ceramic knife sharpener” because the diamond and ceramic wheels each play a vital role in knife sharpening, not because it sharpens ceramic knives.  The diamond wheels sharpen the knives and the ceramic wheels polish them.

Find it here at

Rating: 5 Stars!  Best!


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Got Leftovers? Try FoodSaver!

Foodsaver V3840

In the current economic climate, our families are like many others in America.  We search to utilize what we have in the most effective and efficient manner.  Have you ever cooked enough food for several meals, but you just don’t want to eat it again on the third night?!  To combat this problem, FoodSaver came to the rescue.

FoodSaver is so easy to use that right out of the box, you can use it to prepare items for later consumption.  Whether you are preparing steak, chicken, casserole, chili, spaghetti, vegetables, or any other food you are going to freeze, once you use FoodSaver, you will not be able to do without it.  FoodSaver saves you time and money–lots of time and money.  You can freeze and steam/microwave your food in the same bag.

With the cost of everything going up, one of the surest ways to save money is to keep food fresh for as long as possible. Most families can not afford to waste anything, much less food. By using The Food Saver, food will be kept fresh for days. Small portions can be kept for later so the whole dish isn’t kept in the refrigerator taking up valuable space and getting stale. If you are planning a dinner or party, you can prepare much of the menu a day or two before the event and let The Food Saver keep your treasures safe and fresh until you are ready to make them ready for that special occasion. This is one of the best money savers I have ever seen.

We tested the V3840.  We highly recommend it!

You can find this great product at

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You’ll Flip Over This Turner

Kuhn Rikon SoftEdge Turner

Have you ever cooked pancakes or eggs  in your nonstick pan and realized that you only had a metal turner?  We have!  When this happens, no matter how gently you try, the metal turner will scratch your beautiful nonstick pans!  We were pleased to discover a turner that is sleek yet scratch-free.  The EuroLine SoftEdge Turner by Kuhn Rikon is the perfect solution to this problem.  We tested it when making a variety of breakfast foods and it works like a charm.  The EuroLine SoftEdge Turner is constructed of attractive stainless steel with a soft yet firm silicone edge.

You can find the EuroLine SoftEdge Turner at

Rating: 4 Stars! Recommended.

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Swiss Ceramic Peeler Is Appealing!

Have you ever been given the task of peeling fresh vegetables for dinner or a party?  With potatoes, cucumbers, carrots, and the like, we have often found that average vegetable peelers get easily clogged and are, simply put, a chore to use!

Recently, we discovered a peeler that makes all the difference and turns a chore into a fun task!  This potato peeler allowed us to peel potatoes easily, efficiently, and without frustration.  The difference?  It contains a special blade made of sharp ceramic that delivers amazing results.

Men, if you want to help your wife in the kitchen, this could save your marriage!   We really do recommend it as the “best of the best”.  It is a small but mighty product that will serve you for years to come.  It’s the Swiss Ceramic Peeler by Kuhn Rikon.  Every cook needs one!

You can find it here at

Rating: 5 Stars! Best!

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Look, Ma! No Hands!

Do you ever get tired of stirring while cooking?  What if you found a pot that did the stirring for you?  We have!  The Chef’s Stir Pan by KitchenStir will reduce your time and effort in the kitchen!   This electric, automatic stirring pot allows you to prepare a wide variety of dishes with the touch of a button.  And it cooks meals that are quick and flavorful.  Say “Goodbye CrockPot” and “Hello, Chef’s Stir Pan!”  With a crockpot, you dump in your ingredients and leave it on for several hours.  When you return, you have a great meal.  However, with the Chef’s Stir Pan, you dump in the ingredients and have a fresh, flavorful meal within minutes!

We made chile con queso dip with smoked ground beef, chicken and cashew stir fry, and rice pudding — using the same pot — without having to stir — in an hour!  The Chef’s Stir Pan is truly a “best of the best” kitchen product.  It also lends itself to ease of use for making international cuisine, such as Italian, Mexican, Asian, and Mediterranean food.  Try it and let us know what you think!

You can find it here at

Rating: 5 Stars Best!

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Auto Deluxe Safety LidLifter

Ouch!  Did you cut your finger again while opening canned goods?  We have found a solution!  The Deluxe Safety LidLifter by Kuhn Rikon is an award-winning, hand-held can opener.  Now that we have tried it, it has become a must-have recommendation from our test kitchen.  Simple and easy to use, this technologically advanced can opener slices into cans and lifts lids with ease.  We highly recommend it!  You can find this great product and more at Kuhn Rikon,

Rating: 5 Stars!  Best!

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Hands-Free Cooking?!

Autonomous Saucier

How much more could you get done when cooking a meal if you didn’t have to stand over a pot to stir your sauces? We are excited to bring you one of our greatest cooking product discoveries of all time: the Autonomous Saucier. This amazing tool is a battery-operated whisk designed to stir your sauces all by itself while you focus on preparing the other parts of the meal!

Our reviewers braised a carmelized beef roast and made a gourmet dried cherry-cranberry sauce just to try out the Autonomous Saucier! Our wonderful experience of hands-free cooking caused us to unanimously agree that the Autonomous Saucier is truly one of the most helpful kitchen tools on the market today. We think every cook needs one of these, whether novice or gourmet. This would make a great wedding present, birthday present, or a present that you buy for yourself just because it is so wonderful!

Made in London by UUtensil (, the company boasts that it has 101 cooking uses. That is exciting!

With the Autonomous Saucier, one push of a button takes care of that chore for you. We affectionately nicknamed it the Stir Genie. But it truly lives up to its name, Autonomous, in that it is self-ruling over the pot. And it is a Saucier, in that it literally stirs the sauce for you, a “sauce maker”. Put this magic stirrer in your pan, turn it on, and forget about it! It works best on non-stick pans. You can find this innovative and useful invention at

"Good" 3 Stars!

Rating: 3 Stars Good!

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