New Uses For Old Things

If you are looking for an innovative essential resource to add to your household helps library, we have a recommendation.  The 869 New Uses For Old Things by Real Simple gives new meaning to “one man’s trash, another man’s treasure”.  This alphabetized encyclopedia contains new uses for everyday items from accordian folders to ice cream cones to zippered plastic bags.

Ice Cream Cones: Make cup cakes in flat-bottom ice cream cones.  (See p. 66)

Zippered Plastic Bag: Use it to pipe frosting onto a cake or to store soup in a stack.  (See p.180)

Our favorite travel solution?  If you have a child and you have ever had melted crayons in your car or purse, you’ll appreciate this one!   Use an Altoid Mints container to carry crayons in the car, suitcase, or your purse.  Everyone we recommend this to finds it extremely useful.

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