No More Motion Sickness

Would you like to go for a nice mountain drive, but the curvy roads make you carsick?  Or would you like to spend an afternoon or even a week on a yacht, but you get seasick?  We recently expert-tested some of the best wrist bands available today for motion sickness relief.

Our low-end cost, good quality recommendation: PsiBands.  PsiBands are small, comfortable wristbands with pressure-point knobs that conform to your wrist and look fashionable.  Cancer patients have even used them when undergoing chemotherapy.  They are drug free.  We tested a technologically advanced wristband as well which relieves motion sickness by shooting electrical currents into your wrist.  Although the product worked, our researchers did not find the electrical current sensation added to their travel comfort.

We tested both of them during 8 days on a small yacht in the Mediterranean and on car rides.

You can find the PsiBands and more at

We give the PsiBands a “good” 3-star rating.

"Good" 3 Stars!

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