Packable Backpack

Magellans Daytripper Bag Packable Backpack

If you are looking for a perfect-sized packable backpack, we found a nifty item that can really save the day!  The Daytripper bag by Magellans is a completely portable pack that stows away in a small zipper pouch until you need it.  The pack has ample space for any essentials you may need.  We like to stuff it in our pocket as a just-in-case bag.  It is a great on-the-go travel beach bag.  The outer pocket is lockable.  We also use it after swimming to carry our swimsuits and towels.  When not in use, this bag takes up only as much room as a pair of socks.  You can find this great bag at

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Vera Bradley Spring 2012

This Spring, Vera Bradley boasts a vibrant collection for Spring 2012.

We reviewed Vera Bradley’s new Laptop Travel Tote.  This tote offers colorfully padded protection for your laptop while in transit.  It contains a checkpoint-friendly design.  It is one of the easiest checkpoint-friendly bags we have seen because it contains zippers on both sides.

The Laptop Travel Tote comes in four colors: Island Blooms, Rosey Posies, Ellie Blue,and Camellia.  We reviewed the Laptop Travel Tote in Island Blooms.  The vibrant Island Blooms pattern made us wish we were headed to the Islands instead of the office!

This tote is a comfortable shoulder length.  It keeps your laptop close at hand and snug.  The Laptop Travel Tote contains two sections, a padded laptop sleeve and a zip-top section.  It certainly makes a vibrant alternative to usual, solid-colored laptop totes.

Find Vera Bradley’s Laptop Travel Tote here at

Rating: 3 Stars!  Good.

Vera Bradley’s Spring 2012 collection makes us feel as if we are in bloom!

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Expand Your Horizons, Not Your Luggage With Three-In-One Luggage

AT505 by High Sierra Sport

   I love to travel, but I do not like to haul heavy luggage around.  Finding the right luggage for my needs has proven a greater task than I thought. I tried several bags, cases, and systems. After talking to lots of savvy travelers, I have discovered the secret art of traveling light.
     I have all of my clothes separated by using clear storage bags to tightly roll them up in. That way, I can store more in a smaller space. I also experimented with taking less and washing smaller items each night, letting them dry over night and using a blow dryer to finish them off in the morning. I can dry my socks in 1-2 minutes each morning this way.
     Gone are the days that I bring enough socks and underwear for every day of the trip. Now, 3-4 pair of each along with two pair of zip off pants, 3-4 shirts, a swim suit and a few t-shirts, and two pair of shoes make up my luggage for a two week trip.
The perfect suitcase for the job?  We recommend the A.T. Go 505 by High Sierra Sport.  We tested it, tried it, and love it.
This single case has everything you could ever want and need for a weekend or a trip to Europe. Not only does it roll, it also has a zip off backpack. The removable backpack is light but completely useful for transporting things to your destination, as well as taking it out for the day once you arrive. It has both top, and side carry handles, making this a bag that you can get to, and from, any position easily.
     The larger part of the system is laid out very well and has a hidden pocket behind the backpack position so you can keep private things private while traveling. The AT 505 also has hidden backpack straps so I can backpack the whole case to and from your destination if you wish.
Furthermore, we packed two weeks of clothes and backpacked the AT505 with no trouble at all. We thought it would be really heavy, but we were surprised at how easy it was to pack. Being able to carry the 505 in so many different ways makes it the most user friendly travel case I have ever used.
     Let me tell you that with the AT505, you will never fight another suitcase up or down stairs again, and being able to backpack the whole case is a real advantage.
You can find it here at
Rating: 5 Stars!  Best!
~ Keith Lee
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Best Carry-On Luggage 2011

Lipault 22" Folding Carry-On Bag

If you are looking for the “best of the best” in carry-on luggage, we have a recommendation for you.

The Lipault 22″ Folding Carry-On Bag is one of the most beautiful, well-designed carry-on bags we have ever seen.

The Lipault Carry-On is truly beautiful.  It has a slightly shimmery sheen and looks luxurious.  Yet it retains its durability, since it is made of 420 denier nylon.

It is well-designed because it actually folds flat when not in use for easy stashing.  This bag also is laid out in a manner that helps to keep your clothing looking good.  It contains a slimline hanging bag which fits securely within but does not take up extra room.

Our reviewers rated this bag as “Best Carry-On Luggage 2011”.  It is truly a must-have for the discriminating traveler.

Find the Lipault Carry-On Bag  at

Rating: 5 Stars!  Best!

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How To Keep Your Shoes Looking Great While Traveling

Travel Shoe Bags

Here’s how to keep your shoes looking great while traveling: buy a shoe bag.
The more we travel, the lighter we try to pack. One of our greatest packing peeves is getting the dirt from shoes on the rest of our clothes.  Another shoe packing challenge is keeping dress shoes dressy.  We solve this problem by using shoe bags.
Read on as one of our male reviewers shares his concerns and solutions on shoes and travel:
One area that has always been of concern is my dress shoes. I normally put them in the bottom of my suitcase and lay clothing on top of them. My concern is that something will scratch my shoes, or that shoe polish will get on my clothes.  I’ve tried plastic bags, trash bags, a pillow case, you name it and I’ve tried it.
I recently discovered the “Shoe Bag” by Richards. The package came with a set of three bags. As soon as I got home, I realized that I had solved my shoe problem. It was so simple. I just slipped my dress shoes in the nylon bag, tightened the draw string, and placed them in the bottom of my suitcase as before. Now nothing can damage my shoes, and no shoe ploish will damage my clothes.
With three bags, I can also keep my freshly polished shoes in a bag in the closet so they will be freesh and ready to go at all times.  With the pace of life always trying to steal precious family time, the “Shoe Bag” has saved me time, money, and effort. Thanks Richards company for a great, yet simple solution to an old and bothersome problem!
You can find this great product and more here at
Rating: 3 Stars!  Good!
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PacSafe TourSafe Travel Tote

PacSafe TourSafe Travel Tote

If you are looking for a great bag to carry your laptop and presentation materials, the slashproof TourSafe Travel Tote is your best bet.  This roomy shoulder bag contains pockets for all of your business essentials yet has the appearance of a large purse.  This is a great bag for professional women who travel.  It is also a great tote for souvenirs.  We give it a 4-star rating.  You can find it here.

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Perfect Daytrip Bag PacSafe VentureSafe 300

PacSafe VentureSafe 300 Day Bag offered by

Going to spend the day with friends?  Don’t feel like carrying a backpack but want your belongings to be secure?

If you are looking for the perfect DayTrip Bag, we have found the bag for you!  The VentureSafe 300 by PacSafe is a fortified day bag with a comfortable shoulder strap.    This bag is the perfect size to hold your itinerary, guide books, and other necessities.

This bag contains external pockets for your water bottle or umbrella as well as 3 compartments which are hidden away inside.  This bag contains a secret compartment in the middle to keep your most valued objects unnoticed, even when you are using your bag for other purposes.  You can even fit a 13″ laptop or netbook in this state-of-the-art bag.

The VentureSafe 300 is made with slash-proof exomesh antitheft technology.  The slash-proof shoulder strap is reinforced with a hidden steel cable.  The shoulder strap doubles as a security lock you can wrap around a pole or other fixed object to keep someone from running off with your bag.

5 Stars!

Two external pockets are also well-protected from unauthorized entry by small steel cables and hidden security latches.  The safety features and comfortable shoulder strap make this bag effortless to carry all day.  This bag prohibits “rob and run” quick pickpocketing because even the zippers fasten to a hidden security latch.

Nothing is better than worry-free travel.  We highly recommend this bag.  It is a must-have for travel and leisure.  You can find it here at

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Fortified Travel Backpack by PacSafe

PacSafe DaySafe 100 at

We had the opportunity to review another fine product by one of our favorite companies, PacSafe.  Travel today seems to be more casual and almost everyone is carrying a backpack.  Backpacks are the overnight luggage of choice for casual travelers.  Choosing a backpack can be very confusing because certain backpacks have more features than others.  However, a word to the travel wise: if you are going to take a bag rather than a suitcase, choose one that offers security.

Nothing can take the wind out of your travel sails like a pickpocket slashing your bag and running off with your wallet, camera, or other valuables. Looking to find the most secure and reliable backpack on the market today, we found the “best of the best” at, the EEE backpack by PacSafe.  This backpack is made with Exomesh anti-theft technology.  Exomesh is a tamper-resistant mesh material made of lightweight steel.  It is slashproof and sturdy yet lightweight.  This backpack has so many safety and quality features, you have to see it to believe it!  It has ample storage compartments, zippers, and pockets.  It also has a “portable safe” which is a hidden inner bag which is protected under lock and key and also removable.  In addition to these great qualities, it has a steel cable that can be used to secure this backpack to a pole or other immovable object so that no one can grab it and run while you are napping or looking the other way at a cafe, airport, airplane, bus, or other place that involves sitting and waiting.

5 Stars!

As with all products offered by Magellans, the DaySafe 100 by PacSafe looks and feels professional from the moment you open the package.

This truly is “The Fort Knox of Backpacks!”  DaySafe 100 is the ultimate backpack for travel safety.  You can find it at here.

We give this product a 5-star “Best Of The Best” rating.

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