Make Your Airport Wait Worthwhile!

Brookstone Travel Laptop Desk "Excellent!" 5-Stars

You have an hour to wait in the airport lounge before your flight takes off.  You would like to catch up on some work on your computer.  But you resist.  Why?  Because you are tired of having to balance your laptop in your lap as you sit and wait.  We have a solution for you!  We recently discovered a great travel laptop desk by Brookstone that will make your airport wait worthwhile!  Unlike bulky, non-conforming, styrofoam-filled lap desks of the past, the Brookstone Travel Laptop Desk is slender and comfortably conforms to your lap.  It also contains a sturdy surface which you can use to work on your laptop, write notes, or read a book.  The Travel Laptop Desk even contains a comfortable handle, making it easy to carry or strap on your luggage.

Although Brookstone created the Travel Laptop Desk for travel, we have found that it is a great desk for home use as well.  It comes in handy on your couch, in your recliner, on your patio, or anywhere else you find yourself without a desk or table when you need one.

You can find this wonderful product and much more here at We give it a five-star rating.  It is truly the best Travel Laptop Desk on the market today!

5 Stars!

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Computer For The Road

As we travel, we like to use a lightweight notebook for business details and travelwriting.  As the serious traveler knows, the best time to write about your travel journey is when it is fresh.  If you travel with a lightweight notebook, you will always have an electronic writing platform and the internet at your fingertips; it is the best of both worlds!

For On The Road travel, we recommend the Aspire series by Acer.  We tested a model that boasts a 13.3″ HD LED LCD screen, 4 GB memory, and a 500 GB HDD.  It is the perfect size and weight to use in transit, in cafes, or anywhere you are on the go.  The Aspire has slick lines and a compact build.  We recommend it!  You can find it here at

Rating: 3 Stars Good!

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