Hallmark Recordable Storybook

Hallmark Recordable Storybook

If you are looking for one of the most personalized gifts you can give your children this Christmas, we have a recommendation for you. Recordable Storybooks by Hallmark are hardback books which allow you to read to your little one with voice save technology. This is a thrilling way to give your child the gift of you.

We reviewed What Makes A Princess, a Disney Princess Recordable Storybook carried by Hallmark.

The recordable storybook features several of Disney’s most admired princesses: Ariel, Cinderella, Jasmine, and more. It’s short and sweet. But it has a great message that will last a lifetime. We highly recommend it!

Children find these storybooks to be truly enchantinng. They are also great for kids to take to sleepovers, on vacation, and other places to always feel close to you.
Find Recordable Storybooks and more at www.Hallmark.com.

Rating: 4 Stars! Very good!

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Best Trike: Radioflyer

4-in-1 Trike by Radioflyer

If you are looking to give a children’s gift that truly keeps on giving, we have a recommendation for you: the 4-in-1 Trike by Radioflyer.  Described as “The ultimate grow-with-me trike”, this amazing tricycle really lives up to its name.

The 4-in-1 Trike is designed for kids from 9 months to 5 years old. It holds up to 49 lbs.   The 4-in-1 Trike converts from a stroller to a steering trike.  It’s sturdy, durable, and well-made in classic Radioflyer style.

When we tested it, we found that it outperformed other trikes.

This trike gives UV Protection, contains a snack tray, and the pedals convert into a footrest.  The 4-in-1 trike also contains adult steering handles.  It is brilliantly designed and a must-have for any child 9 months to 5 years old.

You can find it here at www.RadioFlyer.com.

Rating: 4 Stars!  Very good!

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Best Stuffed Toy: Doodle Bears

Doodle Bears

Every parent knows what it’s like to find unapproved doodling on their child’s books, stuffed animals, and walls.  So what if you could give your child a toy that was doodle-approved?  We recently discovered a must-have stuffed animal: Doodle Bears.

Bright-eyed and ready to play, Doodle Bears offer a creative opportunity for little ones to draw on their toys!  Doodle Bears come in a pink, blue, and violet.  We tested Doodle Bear Violet.


We kid-tested them.  The youngsters loved decorating the Doodle Bears and experiencing the thrill of being able to wash them off and do it over again!  Doodle Bears come with washable markers, a stencil, and a stamper on the end of the markers.

What we liked best: Doodle Bears keep kids busy and engaged while stimulating their imagination.

You can find Doodle Bears here:

Rating: 3 Stars!  Good!

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Story Buddies and Interactive Storybooks by Hallmark

Abigail Story Buddy by Hallmark

Few things are more thrilling to children than talking toys.  We recently discovered a toy that will make your child’s face light up with joy: Story Buddies.

Story Buddies are cuddly, loveable plush friends that talk and respond to their interactive storybook.  Hallmark’s Story Buddies are friendly, encouraging, and help to teach and reinforce having a positive outlook and being a good friend.  Those are values every parent wants to teach their children.

When we tested and reviewed Abigail and the Balance Beam, children responded with intrigue and elation.   They constantly looked at the Story Buddy with a gleam in their eye, waiting for the Story Buddy to respond.  Both girls and boys alike loved this wonderful toy!

To date, Hallmark makes four Story Buddies: Abigail, Bigsby, Cooper, and Watson.  They also make additional interactive storybooks to go with each Story Buddy.

This toy is a must-have!  It is sure to be a top-rated favorite for years to come.

Rating: 5 Stars!  Best!

Find Abigail and other Story Buddies here at www.hallmark.com.

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Rest On The Road With Bucky

Bucky Eye Shades With Ear Plugs

Rest On The Road With Bucky

 Attention: all tired and weary travelers!  Be tired and weary no more.  Bucky to the rescue.  The Bucky Eye Shades with Ear Plugs will ensure you get the sleep you need no matter where you are.  We have reviewed several sleep masks over the years.  These are at the top of our list!  They are comfortably plush and roomy.  They achieve the instant “drape effect”.  The “drape effect” occurs when you feel as if you are in a room with thick drapes, enshrouded in darkness for the perfect resting conditions. 

 We tested them on and off the road and found them to be suitable for travel and daily use.  Our favorite feature: Bucky Eye Shades with Ear Plugs contain a hidden pouch which holds a pair of ear plugs on a cord.  Now, you will never have to wonder where you put your ear plugs again. 

 Bucky also makes matching travel pillows so you can rest in style.  We reviewed the Minnie Travel Pillow.  The Minnie is miniature travel pillow which will give support in tight spaces, such as airplane seats.  It is also a great neck pillow for kids.  Bucky even makes the Bucky Bag, a travel pouch for the Minnie so it stays clean on the road. 

 The Bucky Eye Shades with Ear Plugs are a must-have for serious travelers looking for rest on the road.  The Minnie Travel Pillow and Bucky Bag will add to your resting bliss as well.  We recommend them!

Find them at www.Bucky.com.

Rating: 4 Stars!  Very good!

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Best Birding Accessory 2011

I-Flyer Birdsong Scanning Wand



If you like birding, you’ll love this! The I-Flyer BirdSong Scanning Wand by Identiflyer allows you to recognize birds and hear their songs immediately!

The BirdSong Scanning Wand packs neatly into a compact, hard travel case which is efficient for storing the Scanning Wand and BarCode ScanBook. The Identifyer BirdSong Scanning Wand is built like a jumbo pen. It has built-in volume control.

We tried out this product in a wooded pine forest in the Central United States. We put bird food in a feeder and waited. Soon, a cardinal arrived. So we turned on the I-Flyer BirdsSong Scanning Wand, found a picture of a cardinal in the I-Flyer BarCode ScanBook, and played it for the cardinal. Suddenly, 3 other gorgeous red cardinals arrived and a female, also. Their curiosity got the best of them, so they had to come see what all the fuss was about.

It was thrilling to know that we had called the birds and they came! We began to call several other birds as well, including yardbirds, such as Blue Jays, Robins, Crows, and a Woodpecker. Each bird began responding in the forest and some of them flew overhead or perched in a tree nearby.

When we played the woodpecker, the forest really stirred up as three woodpeckers began calling back. They were quite persistent. We set out to find them to discover why. To our delight, we got to see a momma woodpecker feeding a baby woodpecker in the hole of a hollowed-out tree.

Now, we call the I-Flyer BirdSong Scanning Wand our “magic wand”. It brings so much joy and delight into our lives to be able to interact with birds and the beauty of nature on a closer and more educated level that enriches the lives of everyone who enjoys nature as a part of their travel or leisure. Whether you are a seasoned birding expert, a novice, or just someone who enjoys the beauty of the outdoors in your backyard, this is a must-have product.

Editor’s Note: This really is a product for the whole family. Kids love it, too. It gets them out of the house and inspires them to explore our wonderful world. This product is an editor’s favorite!

You can find it here at http://www.identiflyer.com.

Rating: 5-Stars! Best!

This product was rated as “Best Birding Accessory 2011” by Best Rated Reviews.

iFlyer Birdsong Scanning Wand Video:

Courtesy of Identiflyer

Buy It Now!

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