Trina Spring 2012

Trina Casablanca Collection

If you are looking for a sleek, contemporary style for your travel accessories, we recommend Trina’s Spring 2012 collection.  We recently reviewed the Casablanca Essential Weekender and Makeup Roll.  Each piece contains a bright green with white stripes outlined in brown.  The collection contains a protective plastic exterior.

The Casablanca Essential Weekender contains a waterproof insert and lining to store anything you are going to carry, including shampoo, makeup remover, or a wet swimsuit.  The Casablanca makeup roll is the ideal size to carry your makeup and get easy access to it.  You won’t lose sight of the Casablanca collection.  It is durable, well-made, and stylish.  The gold handles and accents add class and sophistication.  We recommend it as an accessory that will invigorate your travel accessory wardrobe.

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Rating: 3 stars!  Good!

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Travel In Style With This Travel Duo

Versailles iPad Shoulder Bag

What three words are music to a traveler’s ears?  “Pack your bags!”

Beauty comes in small packages, and it’s especially great when they’re travel-related!  When it comes to travel, less is more.  We recently tested two bags you will want to make part of your permanent travel fleet.

Versailles iPad Shoulder Bag

Ornate jacquard graces a black iPad case to create a beautiful masterpiece bag.  Once you see it, you will want to carry your iPad everywhere in this!  Whether for travel or leisure, this bag perfectly fits your iPad and contains extra padding to protect and secure it.

Lipault Weekend Shoulder Bag

The Lipault Weekend Shoulder Bag is sleek, sophisticated, and best of all?  Compact!  This amazing shoulder bag flattens for easy storage yet expands to provide the perfect roominess needed for weekend travel.

What our reviewers liked most: spacious design and smooth, 420-denier reinforced nylon.  This bag is made of durable material with a beautiful sheen.  It is extremely lightweight yet high-quality.

Rating: 5 Stars!  Best!

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Rick Steves’ Travel Secrets

We were exhausted and fatigued as we lugged our over-packed suitcases through the airport.  Suddenly, we met a pair of bright-eyed travelers who cheerily strolled down the jetway with their teenie-weenie carry-ons.  “Where are you going?” we asked.  “We’re going to Europe for a month,” they cheerily replied.  “And these are our bags.”

What?  It’s a miracle.  Well, not really.  According to them, it’s Rick Steves’ travel secrets.

They told us they had learned everything they needed to know about packing light from Rick Steves.  “The big secret?” the husband said, “Taking laundry detergent with you. Just wear, wash, and recycle and you’ll be fine.”

Rick Steves designed three products you don’t want to miss when it comes to learning how to be an efficient traveler: a non-clothespin clothesline, travel laundry supplies, and a great book which gives all kinds of great travel advice.

Rick Steves Travel Clothesline

Rick Steves’ Travel Clothesline  is a must-have travel accessory for every traveler.  This clothesline is sturdy, durable, and does not require laundry pins.  It’s triple-braid elastic construction provides a sturdy cord with stretchability on which to hang anything you are washing.  This clothesline will not easily sag or break.  Best of all, it contains velcro loops which allow you to hang it anywhere easily.

Rick Steves Travel Wash

Likewise, the key to efficient travel is to wash, reuse, and recycle your clothing.  Rick Steves’ Travel Wash makes it easy to wash your clothes in transit.  The Travel Wash is a bottle of mild liquid soap.  You can use it to clean your clothes or yourself.  We also recommend taking along the  Travel Washcloths.  You can use these microfiber cloths to clean your clothes and your body.

We at Best Rated Reviews are long-time fans of Rick Steves.  We think he does a great job of teaching and modeling the art of practical and efficient travel techniques.

You can find these suggestions and more in Rick Steves’ book, Europe Through The Back Door.  We highly recommend this book.  It contains thorough travel advice for people traveling to Europe as well as any other continent.  The travel tips are invaluable.

You can find these great products and more at

Rating: 5 Stars!  Best!

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