Making Bread Is Easy With Roul’Pat

Why buy bread at the store when you can easily make your own?

We asked many men and women this question.  The number one answer:

“I don’t make bread because it’s too messy. ”

We have a solution for you: Roul’Pat.  Roul’Pat is a genuinely non-stick countertop workstation mat.  It is perfect for preparing bread or cookie dough as well as working with sugar art, chocolate, and candy-making projects.

We tested the large size mat.  We highly recommend it.  The more space, the better, when baking.   We used Hodgson Mill’s Honey Whole Weat Bread Mix.  The bread was delicious.  But the best part?  It was easy to make!

In fact, you can even use this great mat for other sticky projects, such as working with glue.

This mat is made in France.  It is high-quality and will last for years to come.

Find the Roul’Pat mat at

Rating: 5 stars!  Best!


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Most Comfortable Compact Hammock

DoubleNest Hammock

If you are looking for a hammock that holds two comfortably, we have a recommendation for you.  Eagles Nest Outfitters makes a compact Double Nest Hammock.  It is made of high-strength breathable woven nylon, which lends to durability.  It can hold up to 400 pounds.  It weighs 22 oz. and comes with a Slap Strap Hammock Suspension System that weighs 12 oz.  So the total system weighs 34 oz.

The DoubleNest Hammock comes in a compact drawstring bag.  We tried the DoubleNest Hammock in Blue/Olive Green.

Eagles Nest Outfitters makes hammocks that are built to last and very comfortable.  Started by two brothers in 1999,  the company has grown from a two-person + 1 sewing machine operation into a solid company which sells reputable hammocks to like-minded people across the globe.

The Double Nesting Hammock is the most comfortable compact hammock we have tried.

To see this product and more, visit

Rating: 5 Stars!  Very Good!

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Ideal Travel Clock For Heavy Sleepers and Hearing Impaired

When traveling on business, it is fairly common to have the front desk give you a wake-up call.  However, we never like to leave anything to chance, so we always carry a travel alarm clock.  Finding an alarm clock that is easy to read, easy to operate, and easy to carry in smaller luggage and yet loud enough has been a challenge.

Magellans Folding Alarm Clock 92 db

In looking for an ideal travel clock, we looked for three specific qualities: that it would be easy to pack, a loud alarm, and ease of use.  THECLOCK will fit in the palm of your hand, closes flat, is simple to use, and has an alarm that will wake up heavy sleepers and those hard of hearing.  This clock has all the features we need to get sound sleep and a resounding wakeup.  By far, the best feature of this clock is the volume at which the alarm rings.  You will not sleep through this alarm!

You can find this great product and more here at

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Cuisinart Compact Portable Blending/Chopping System

Compact Portable Blending/Chopping System

Cuisinart Compact Portable Blending Chopping System

When it is time for your next gathering, break out the Compact Portable Blending/Chopping System by Cuisinart.  With a variety of attachments, a recipe guide, and your imagination, the possibilities are endless.  This is the ultimate party and dinner assistant!  Need to crush ice?  Make slushies for the kids?  We made delicious chocolate malts with this exquisite blender in our test kitchen.  We also made several other milkshakes and dessert beverages with hardly any effort.

We also tested the blender to make whipped cream for homemade pie recipes we were testing.  To our delight, it made fresh whipped cream in just 30 seconds with just the touch of a button and a quick rinse-up afterward, eliminating the need to use a large bowl, beaters, and 5-minutes of beating time!  You can also use this blender to make soups, appetizer dips, and mixes for baking.

This portable blender is a small yet powerful kitchen assistant.  It is a must for anyone who prepares dinner regularly, wants to maximize their time and efficiency, and enjoys entertaining friends.   The engineering, craftmanship, and attention to detail is first-rate.  This is exactly what we expect from Cuisinart. Best of all, the blender comes with four blending cups which allow you to prep and go!  It also comes with a chopping cup that you can also use to make whipped cream for four on desserts.

This product is a must-have.  We give it 5-stars!

You can find this great product here at

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Back To The Massage Basics With Homedics

Homedics offers a line of therapeutic massage products.  We have tried several.  Our favorite two Homedics products are the portable massage chair and the foot massager.

The Homedics Deluxe Shiatsu Massage Cushion works best in a straight-backed chair.  It has massage balls, heat, and vibration.  This multi-function massager is operated by a remote control that is attached to the chair.  You can select upper, lower, or full–backed range.  We find it is especially helpful for therapeutically applying mechanized pressure to concentrated areas of tension.  The portable massage chair can pinpoint those tension areas via remote in order to soothe the specific location you need.  One of our reviewers has a tendency to tense up their shoulders and finds the Homedics chair to alleviate tension.  This is a favorite for our male reviewers.

Although nothing compares to a massage given by a human being, these well-made massage devices will get the job done to relax your back.  You can find the Deluxe Shiatsu Massage Cushion  <a href=””>here</a>.

Rating: 3 Stars!  Good

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Packable Backpack

Magellans Daytripper Bag Packable Backpack

If you are looking for a perfect-sized packable backpack, we found a nifty item that can really save the day!  The Daytripper bag by Magellans is a completely portable pack that stows away in a small zipper pouch until you need it.  The pack has ample space for any essentials you may need.  We like to stuff it in our pocket as a just-in-case bag.  It is a great on-the-go travel beach bag.  The outer pocket is lockable.  We also use it after swimming to carry our swimsuits and towels.  When not in use, this bag takes up only as much room as a pair of socks.  You can find this great bag at

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Basic Travel Wardrobe – Travelsmith

Crinkle Summer Dress

If you are looking to put together a basic travel wardrobe, we have a few recommendations for you.

Travelsmith provides a great array of travel clothing.  We tried and recommend the following:

Crinkle Summer Dress

This elegant dress is cool and comfortable, two must-haves for warm-weather travel.  We especially liked the flattering, feminine lines.  Travelsmith takes the white dress to a whole new level for travel with this beauty.

Tank Travel Dress

This all-black travel dress is a must-have for every travel wardrobe.  This travel dress is comfortable and versatile.  You can dress it up, dress it down, or just wear it!

Perfect Fit Pants

Perfect Fit Three-Pocket Pants or Perfect Fit Capris

These pants live up to their name.  They really do give the perfect fit. Perfect Fit Pants and Capris are both made with a patented TravelFit waistband.  The band stretches as needed, ensuring extra comfort, especially after meals!  These pants also have hidden pockets for storing your valuable clandestinely.  We also liked that they are lined, which gives them an extra touch of quality and finesse.  We recommend these pants and capris for your travel wardrobe.  And why not also get a second pair for your everyday wear at work or home?  We highly recommend them.

With these basics, just add a few scarves and you are ready to go!

Happy traveling!

Rating: 5 stars!  Best!

Find these items and much more at

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Omni Freeze Ice by Columbia

Want to beat the heat?  We have a hot-weather travel clothing recommendation for you:  Omni Freeze Ice.

Omni Freeze Ice is a new line by Columbia Sportswear.  Omni-Freeze Ice lowers the temperature of the wicking baselayer fabric.  Doing so makes you feel cool even when you are sweating in the Summer heat or during a workout.

We recently tested the Women’s Base Layer Lightweight Top.  To our delight, the revolutionary fabric lived up to its claims.  We were cooler when it was hot.

How it works: when moisture (a.k.a. sweat) comes in contact with the fabric, the fabric temperature lowers.

This is one of the best and most innovative products we’ve tried when it comes to beating the heat.

We highly recommend it!

Rating: 5 Stars!  Best!

Find Omni Freeze Ice and more at


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Giggle Gang

Ready to road trip with baby?  Travel time is long for little ones no matter what…but we recently discovered something that will make the time go by joyfully: Giggle Gang friends.  Giggle Gang Friends, by Fisher-Price, live up to their name.  They are rotundly-cute plush toys that let out adorable giggles when squeezed.

Babies love them.  But they are not the only ones.  Toddlers and little kids like them too.  When we tested them, every youngster wanted to know what was making that adorable laugh.

Giggle Gang friends are soft and cuddly.  They are machine washable.  And they also have a loop for linking.  They are one of the best road trip toys you could bring along for your baby.  Nothing beats hearing your baby giggle–especially when you’ve got miles to go.  They will also keep your baby entertained at home, running errands, and anywhere else you are going.

Find them at

Rating: 3 stars!  Good!

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Best Hiking Shoes For Travel


Harmony Lace by Hi-Tec

Going hiking but dreading taking your heavy hiking boots with you?  At Best Rated Reviews, we always aim to pack light.  We recently discovered a truly amazing pair of hiking shoes that we recommend as the “best of the best” for lightweight travel.

Harmony Lace by Hi-Tec is a pair of hiking shoes designed to function as a lightweight hiking boots without the bulk.  We tried them and found them to be some of the best hiking shoes we have ever tried.

Here’s why:

They are very comfortable for hiking shoes.  They are designed with just enough stiffness to give you the support you need while hiking.  Yet they are made of a comfortable, lightweight material.  Mesh allows your feet to breathe so they do not get as hot as they do in most hiking boots.

We also liked the design of the Harmony Lace.  They are stylish and their smoky brown/aloe color combination lends to professionalism.

These shoes also contain a moisture wicking lining and anti-odor, anti-microbial Ortholite sockliner.    Their durable Vibram rubber outsole gives added protection to your feet.

Harmony Lace Women’s Shoes Rating: 5 Stars!  Best!

Also, if you are looking for a well-built, affordable pair of sandals to complement your active travel wardrobe, we recommend Hi-Tec’s Waimea Falls.

These sandals are made with a durable rubber outsole and a sculpted footbed to provide sure-footing.  These are some of the most affordable sandals we have seen for the quality at $40 a pair.

Waimea Falls Women’s Sandals Rating: 3 Stars!  Good!

Find these great shoes and more at



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