Innovative And Useful Travel Products Every Woman Needs

Women who travel well pack a supply of useful travel products which allow them to preserve their elegance efficiently and effectively.  My Tagalongs makes travel accessories which cater to women’s beauty needs.

1. Handy Woman’s Kit.  This compact, credit-card sized kit contains tweezers, scissors, a nail file, toothpick, pen, flashlight, and screwdriver.

2. Jewelry Sac.  This lightweight jewelry pouch is lightweight, durable, and compact.  It contains several pockets and a drawstring to store your valuables efficiently.

3. Stackable Packables.  These space-saving containers are truly stackable and packable.  They allow you to store any small items on the go, such as vitamins, contact lenses, earrings, and more.

4. Just Bag It.  This is a bright-colored, compact foldable bag which you can use to store important travel accessories, such as a pair of shoes or a hair dryer.

5. Wear-Once Panties.  These disposable travel panties come as 5-pairs in a compact little case.  They are made of comfortable cotton gusset, which is what the comfortable thin cotton padding in pantyhose is made of as well.  While they are disposable, they are also washable.

6. Editor’s Pick: Foldable Flats.  Thinner than flip-flops and bendable, these foldable flats are innovative and useful.  Every woman needs a pair!  Whether you travel or wear high heels for work, these innovative flats will come in handy.  They rescue tired feet!  They also come with a small carry pouch.  We tried the black pair and we highly recommend them!

We first learned of My Tagalongs through Accessory Resource Gallery & Inventions  ,  a  New York based company.  ARG & I specializes in bringing unique, innovative, and useful  inventions into the mainstream market for women’s beauty products, meeting an ever-increasing demand.

You can find these useful products at

Rating: 3 Stars!  Good!

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