Talking Clock Is A Travel and Leisure Dream

The old expression “time will tell” comes to life with the Moshi Clock. The sleek styling and small size, makes this the perfect travel clock. Push a button and give one of several available commands and the Moshi Clock gives you the time, alarm time, sets the alarm time, and many others. No more fumbling with remembering how to set the clock, just tell it what to do and it does it.

It also has various alarms to choose from. I like the cathedral bells. It starts softly, then gets louder each time it replays the sound. You will be up by the time it starts the third time through, believe me!

Time zones are a thing of the past with the Moshi Clock. Just give it the new time, and it is set for you. A great travel tool for the savvy traveler.

Find it here at

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Paperless Writing Tablet

Boogie Board

Have you ever wondered where that note went that you just jotted down?  We recently discovered a great product that is perfect for jotting notes that will not be easily misplaced.  The Boogie Board is a paperless writing tablet.  It is compact enough to carry anywhere, whether from room to room or place to place.  The Boogie Board comes with a special inkless pen, although you can gently use other writing instruments or your finger as well.

One of the bonus features of this product?  Kids love it!  It makes a great travel toy.  It gives them a virtual chalkboard with no mess.  It is more fun than an etch-a-sketch because it enables free-flow drawing.  And moms, you won’t have to worry about melted crayons in your backseat!

You can find this innovative product here at and  We highly recommend it!

Rating: 4 Stars!  Very good!

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Make Your Airport Wait Worthwhile!

Brookstone Travel Laptop Desk "Excellent!" 5-Stars

You have an hour to wait in the airport lounge before your flight takes off.  You would like to catch up on some work on your computer.  But you resist.  Why?  Because you are tired of having to balance your laptop in your lap as you sit and wait.  We have a solution for you!  We recently discovered a great travel laptop desk by Brookstone that will make your airport wait worthwhile!  Unlike bulky, non-conforming, styrofoam-filled lap desks of the past, the Brookstone Travel Laptop Desk is slender and comfortably conforms to your lap.  It also contains a sturdy surface which you can use to work on your laptop, write notes, or read a book.  The Travel Laptop Desk even contains a comfortable handle, making it easy to carry or strap on your luggage.

Although Brookstone created the Travel Laptop Desk for travel, we have found that it is a great desk for home use as well.  It comes in handy on your couch, in your recliner, on your patio, or anywhere else you find yourself without a desk or table when you need one.

You can find this wonderful product and much more here at We give it a five-star rating.  It is truly the best Travel Laptop Desk on the market today!

5 Stars!

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BEST Travel and Leisure Product Of The Year Award 2010

BEST Award 2010

BEST Travel and Leisure Product Award 2010 goes to Brookstone for the n-a-p Blankets.

Are you ready to take the best nap you’ll ever have? You can with The Nap Collection by Brookstone. (  The Nap Collection is bliss in a box! The Nap Collection includes a cuddly blanket, cuddly matching booties, and a comfortable matching pillow.

It comes with the Brookstone “nap blanket” that by itself is a great luxury. The nap blanket is plush and snuggly. It weighs a not-too-lightweight, not-too-heavy weight. If Goldilocks had found The Nap Collection at the three bears’ house, she would not have cared that the bed was too big or small. When you surround yourself in the cuddly bliss, you can nap anywhere. We think this would make a great Christmas gift or anytime gift for you or anyone who is special to you. We also think this is a great set to take with you traveling to use during long layovers.

The n-a-p Travel Blanket is also a great product.  It is the perfect weight for a lightweight yet cozy blanket, comes in its own compact carry case for easy storage, and provides the cozy comfort we look for when we are traveling.  It is a luxurious alternative to the thin, felt-like blankets offered by airlines.  We recommend the navy blue color, since it will hide any “travel streaks” (those random black and brown marks you get on your luggage when you take it across the world).

Brookstone n-a-p 3-piece Comfort Set

Best Travel and Leisure Products 2010:

n-a-p 3-Piece Comfort Set and the n-a-p Travel Blanket by Brookstone.

Competitors we considered:  Hammacher Schlemmer & Co. and Bed Bath & Beyond

Visit Brookstone’s  n-a-p blanket collection here.

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