Waterproof Binoculars Great For Travel

Legend Ultra HD

With today’s amazing technology, Bushnell makes binoculars that give clear visibility even on a cloudy or rainy day. The Bushnell Legend Ultra HD Binoculars are compact, portable, and easily accessible. They offer high definition visibility. They also come with a sturdy carry case.

The Legend Ultra HD Binoculars contain a Rainguard coating which keeps them clear and waterproof in rain. They are a great pair of binoculars to take along when traveling, since you never know what the weather will do.

When we tried them, we found all of their features useful for traveling. They also contain ED Prime Glass and a special coating which allowed us to use them for extended periods of time without getting tired eyes!

The Bushnell Legend Ultra HD Compact Binoculars offer high-quality visibility yet are compact enough to be portable. These binoculars include a neckstrap, which makes them extra portable.

We recommend them!

Rating: 4-Stars! Very Good!

You can find them here at www.bushnell.com



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Never Get Lost Again!

Bushnell Backtrack 5 Point

Have you ever gotten lost in the woods?  Lost your car?  Lost your campsite?!  We discovered a small and simple GPS device which helps you backtrack your steps.  The Backtrack Point 5 by Bushnell allows you to store five locations so you will never get lost again.  The digital device contains an electronic compass, GPS connectivity, and a mileage indicator to tell you how far you need to go to retrace your steps.  The Backtrack Point 5 functions as an electronic location pointer.  Whether you are going shopping, hunting, fishing, hiking, or camping, it will help you return to the location you left.  We tested it for a variety of uses.  It functions to give basic instruction on finding the direction you need to go and going the right way to get there.  However, the instrument functions best for this specific purpose.  It will not advise you of terrain, obstacles (such as lakes or cliffs), or any geographical specifications.  It does not recommend the best route as a normal GPS does.  However, it would be quite useful for someone who went shopping at the mall and needed to find their car.  It is also useful for hunters to return to their deer stand.

You can find this helpful  product and more at www.Bushnell.com.

Rating: 3 Stars!  Good

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