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Camelbak Delaney Plus


Walking, cycling, or running all takes hydration. All exercising creates one problem, where do I put my drink? I have a two bottle rack on my bike, and a Camelbak Hawg 100 0z hydration pack, my favorite, for longer programs. The problem I had was the shorter “one bottle” excursions. That was until I found the Camelbak Dalaney Race system. This thing is just what I needed for the mid-range workout.

The Delaney Plus is simple and well-thought-out. It has one quick release buckle in the front, an energy gel squeeze bottle on the side and a bottle pouch in the back. The bottle sets at an angle for easy retrieval and replacement while on the go.  The bottle pouch can also be tightened or loosened in a flash if necessary. The Camelbak “Podium” bottle fits my hand well and has a feature that allows me to adjust the flow of water by turning a knob on the lid. It can also be closed to prevent spills. I quickly discovered that my Camelbak insulated water bottle fit in the same pouch, oh yeah!

I went on a 40 mile bike ride with the Delaney Plus to give it a good try. I could not even feel it while riding. There are two storage pockets, one mesh and one solid material. both zip and one has a key clip. I had room for my wallet, keys, and cell phone. The bottle is somewhat insulated by the pouch and my water stayed cool until empty.

The next day, I hit the trails for a 2 mile run/walk to see how it worked with the rigors of trail running. The padded mesh waist band rode easy and did not bounce when I ran. While walking, I loosened the waistband with one move of the adjustment band on the side. The padding prevented the pack from irritating my lower back and having the bottle set at an angle, about 45 degrees, so it really is easy to get to.  Camelbak also makes Delaney Race, which runners prefer because it is lightweight and gives increased ventilation around your midsection.

Camelbak really hit a home run with this lightweight pack in my book. I makes a hot day in the Sun much easier to enjoy. I’m sold.

Another great product which we highly recommend is the Groove Stainless. It’s a stainless steel water bottle with a no-drip spout and a built-in water filter.  The Groove Stainless is a must-have if you want fresh, purified water anytime, anywhere.

Rating: 5-Stars!  Best!




You can find Delaney Race, Delaney Plus, and the Groove at

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Camelbak HAWG Bakpack

I love to travel and find interesting places to see and things to do. Many times I need a small backpack for a few hours so I can have the essentials for a fun and safe outing. I recently discovered the HAWG from Camelbak. We all know the Camelbak brand as one that offers quality. They have been hydrating the American soldier as well as civilian outdoors men and women for years. When I got the HAWG, I was amazed at the thoughtful care that went into the design. It has everything one would need for a one to two day outing. There is ample room for everything I want to carry. It even has a rain cover stowed in the bottom.
I think safety first, so I carry a firstaid kit, flashlight, thermal blanket, Compass or GPS, knife, portable hammock, dry socks and trail mix. Too many times, people go off for a short hike and get hurt or lost. In those cases, if they would have had the HAWG, they could have been prepared for an unexpected night in the wilderness. When not in use, the HAWG is small enough to be stowed in it’s place until the next adventure.
You can find it here.
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