Best Sandals 2012

Sennett Harmony

We are currently bringing you the best shoes to accompany beautiful dresses, sundresses, and other travel attire for jet-setters and business professionals alike.  Clarks makes some of the “best of the best” shoes available for any occasion.

We recently discovered some of the best sandals that we have ever come across: Sennett Harmony by Clarks.  These amazing sandals are part of the Clarks Artisan collection.

What we like about them:

They compliment any wardrobe.  They are stylish.  We reviewed Sennett Harmony in beige.  Beige goes with most anything you are going to wear in warmer weather.  They also come in other great, basic colors, including Bronze Leather, White, and Black.

They are made with elegant and demure lines.  They are lightweight.  They are cool.

What we love about them:

They are ultra-comfortable!  They will actually cradle your foot.  And they feel like you are walking on air.  That is because they feature an Active Air footbed for extra comfort.

We also tried the Demure Flare flats from Clarks Artisan collection.  These beautiful flats live up to their name.  They are elegantly demure, made of  fine leather.  And they have a brass ring on the front to give some flare.  They, too, are comfortable, stylish and will compliment any wardrobe with a quiet elegance.

Lastly, if you are looking for a Va-Va-Voom pair of sandals, we recommend Clarks’ new Joli Ruffle.  We tried Joli Ruffle in gold.  In keeping with what we love about Clarks, they are lightweight.  Their fancy ruffle adds a touch of glamor to any occasion.

Find these great shoes and more at

Rating: 5 Stars!  Best!

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Fall Shoe Style with Clarks

Wave Cruise Shoes by Clarks

Enjoy Fall Shoe Style with Clarks. Clarks makes lightweight, breathable shoes which rank among our Fall favorites.

We recently tested Clarks Wave Cruise shoes in pewter leather.  They are stylish and comfortable.  The Wave line is specially designed to provide extra support to your feet when they move.

Clarks’ marketing states, “The sole gently propels you forward through each step, as you flow from one stride to the next–helping you to conserve energy.”  We  found these claims to be true.  We felt like we were walking on a cloud.  In fact, we had to retrain our feet to actually relax while walking.  These shoes are truly “stride-enhancing”.

We found Clarks Wave Cruise shoes to be extremely comfortable. We highly recommend them as a “travel and leisure essentials” product.  They are lightweight and will pack easily in your suitcase.

Rating: 5 Stars!  Best!

You can find these great shoes and more here at


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