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Wuggle Pets

If you are looking for toys to inspire your child’s creativity, we have a recommendation for you.    Toys that bring out the creativity in your kids give them a sense of accomplishment and pride.  In addition, toys are more fun to play with when you have a hand in making them.

Wuggle Pets

Wuggle Pets make a great gift for your child.  Your child will love them.  They are adorable and easy to make.  Best of all, they are a great value.  When we tested them, we all felt the joy of being a kid again and the joy of bringing something to life through creativity.

Wuggle Pets come with all the materials you need, birth certificates, and you can even choose their personalities.  You can even make them say a few words with a voice recording box.  At $19.99, the Starter Pack is a great value.  What we loved most: their adorable eyes!  We also liked that you can clip them to a backpack so your kids can take them wherever they go.

Creativity For Kids

Creativity For Kids makes activity toys that–as their name says–require creativity.  Here are a few of the products we tested:

Shrinky Dinks Princess Castle

Shrinky Dinks Princess Castle

Shrinky Dinks bring out the wonder in children.  What else can you color, bake, and watch shrink.  The Shrinky Dinks Princess Castle includes a beautiful pop-up princess castle. It is glittery and sure to thrill your youngster.  Ages 7-97.

Pop Art Jewelry Mini Set

 Pop Art Jewelry Mini Kit

Pop Art Jewelery is easy to assemble and fun to wear.  This Mini Kit contains a few pieces to make.  But it makes a great starter set for anyone who wants to know if their child is interested in making these.

Create Your Own Enchanted Storybook

Create Your Own Enchanted Storybook

If you want to keep with the princess theme for your little girl, we recommend this storybook activity set.  It comes wiht a castle-shaped book.  She will be able to decorate it, personalize it, and draw a memorable story.

Activity toys bring joy for the moment that will often last for years to come.  They teach your child the joy of creativity which will prove to be a lasting key to vitality throughout their lives.

You can find these great toys at www.WugglePets.com and  www.CreativityForKids.com.

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Travel Toys Keep Kids Busy For Hours

Do Art Travel Easel

How do you pass the time for your kids when traveling?  Find a great toy that will keep them busy for hours!  Here is our top pick: the Do Art Travel Easel by Creativity for Kids.  The Travel Easel is a 3-in-1 on-the-go activity center.  It contains a white board, chalk board, and lap desk.  The travel easel folds easily and contains built-in drawers and compartments to hold all writing utensils.  The Travel Easel includes a wipe-off marker, colored pencils, pastels, markers, chalk, a sponge eraser, sharpener, and drawing pad.

To encourage hands-on creative play, we also recommend the Finger Puppet Theater.  This activity set contains six felt puppets and a puppet stage with various shapes and craft accessories to decorate the finger puppets.  This activity is easy and fun for kids and adults.  It is a craft which becomes a toy you can enjoy again and again.  At the end of a day of traveling, kids can put on a puppet show to re-enact what they experienced.

Creativity For Kids also makes a line of Coloring and Artivity Books, small books with a compartment to hold washable markers.  Unlike regular coloring books, these Coloring and Artivity Books have a hard-backed surface which makes it easy to color in transit.  These are your best bet for airplane travel, as they do not take up much space.  We tested Princesses A-Z.  What a great coloring book set for travel!

You can find these wonderful travel toys and more at www.CreativityForKids.com.

Rating: 5 Star Best!

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Make A Road Trip Fun For Your Kids!

Make Your Own Sock Puppets

“Are we there yet?” What parent hasn’t heard these infamous words–over and over and over again!  Car rides, plane rides, bus rides, train rides…whichever ride you are on, you can make the time pass more quickly for your little ones if you have great travel activities.  Our best advice?  Give the kids something to do that involves their creativity and it will keep them much more engaged than playing ten games of “I Spy”.  Creativity For Kids makes age-appropriate creative projects that will keep your kids engaged both during your travels and after.

We kid-tested three of their products: Make Your Own Sock Puppets, Beautiful Butterflies, and Wee Enchanted Fairy Garden.  The kids kept some of what they made for play and gave away some of their projects as gifts to children and people they were visiting as presents!  Creativity For Kids has a versatile and numerous selection of activities for all ages.  They do a great job of designing kid-friendly projects.  They produce a line called “Creativity For Little Kids” with projects that “minimize the mess and maximize the fun”.

Unlike coloring a picture to put on the refrigerator, these creative products gave the youngsters something to play with that they could use in hours and hours of play.  You can find these products at www.CreativityForKids.com. We give them a “Good” 3-Star rating.

"Good" 3 Stars!

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