Fumble-Free Airplane Beverage Holder

Cup-Pilot Airplane Beverage Holder

“Attention, Passengers!  Flight #2345 is now boarding!”  That is your cue that it is time for the coffee juggling act.  You pick up your carry-on, boarding pass, and cup of hot, fresh coffee and gingerly walk toward the plane.  When you arrive at your seat, you carefully stow your items and get ready for take-off.  You look around to find a place to put your coffee but find none.  (Yes, you do this every time you board the plane–but to no avail, it is just wishful thinking.)  One day, maybe one day, you will have a perfect place to store that hot coffee, hands-free, or your water bottle, or your cold drink, upon take-off and during your flight.  We have great news!  That day is here!

Meet the Cup-Pilot.  The Cup-Pilot is an ingenious, fumble-free airplane beverage holder that clips onto the upright tray table in front of you and folds up for compact storage when not in use.  We have tested them at Best Of The Best and highly recommend them as a must-have for every traveler, both business travelers and leisure travelers alike! You can also attach the Cup-Pilot to any zippered pocket on your suitcase while you are waiting.

We give it the Cup-Pilot a  five-star rating.  You can find the Cup-Pilot at www.Cup-Pilot.com.

5 Stars!

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