Best Tortilla Warmer

Best Tortilla Warmer

We love Mexican food, whether at home or a great restaurant. One of the staples in Mexican cooking is the tortilla. The biggest challenge with tortillas is how to keep them warm. We have tried a variety of tortilla warmers. None were successful to our standards, until we found the Tortilla Warmer by Dexas. Simple, but quite effective, it solved the long-standing problem of how to keep our tortillas warm. It even blends in with festive table decor. The Tortilla Warmer is not a cheap styrofoam warmers, it is restaurant-quality and easily accomodates tortillas of all sizes, whether small, large, or extra large. When we switch from Mexican to European cooking and go French, our warmer doubles as a crepe warmer. Having the right cooking utensils to make work easy helps keep the joy of preparing great food for families, friends, and co-workers and reduces stress in the kitchen. We are so glad we found the Tortilla Warmer. You can find this and other great products by Dexas at

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BEST Cooking Preparation Accessories Product Award 2010 Chop N Scoop Cutting Board

BEST Award 2010

BEST Cooking Preparation Accessories Product  Award 2010 goes to 3 outstanding recipients:  Tramontina, Kuhn Rikon, and Dexas.

3. Chop N Scoop Cutting Board

No cutting board rivals the Chop N Scoop by Dexas.  The contour of these magnificent cutting boards guarantees that your vegetables, fruits, and meats will stay put.  They will not roll all over your countertop.  Furthermore, you can transfer them easily from the counter to the pot, pan, or bowl.  Dexas also makes a Jelli Gripboard carried by Crate and Barrel that is sleek, stylish, and ergonomic.  It is the second most preferred choice of cutting boards for our reviewers and readers.

Visit the Jelli Gripboard and Chop N Scoop Cutting board here .

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