Kids Will Love This!

Carnivorous Creations

“What a big mouth you have!”  “The better to eat you with, my dear!”  Kids can make that statement come to life with Carnivorous Creations.  Carnivorous Creations is a self-contained dome garden which allows you to grow 10 kinds of meat-eating plants.  The complete kit includes everything you need to start your own meat-eating plant garden.

You can raise venus fly traps, trumpet plants, cobra plants, and more.  The seeds are included.  Kids will love this!  And Carnivorous Creations will be fun for the whole family.  In fact, you can grow over 1o varieties of Carnivorous plants. You will also get to see how plants eat flies and other insects.

When we tested this product, we appreciated the manufacturer’s attention to detail.  The complete kit includes a growing dome, planting mixture, swamp rocks, a seed packet, photo sticker decals to decorate your garden, and miniature snakes, frogs, and lizards for decorating.

Carnivorous Creations also contains detailed instructions.  You will need these!  Your garden will not turn out properly if you don’t follow the instructions.  It is important for you to know that just like any other garden, Carnivorous Creations takes some responsibility.  You must check the peat moss to make sure it has proper moisture.  So you might want to make this a family project.

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Rating: 3 Stars!  Good!

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