3-in-1 Luggage For Short Trips

Magellans Eagle Creek 22" Traverse Pro

At Best Of The Best, we never stop searching for ways to make travel better.  Whether products, places, or services, we are engaged in a relentless pursuit of perfection.  One the most important elements of travel is finding great luggage.  Many of us learned the hard way early on that traveling light is the best way to travel.  It has everything to do with the luggage you take!

One of our favorite pieces of luggage is the Eagle Creek Traverse Pro 22”.  The Traverse Pro 22” weighs less than 7 pounds, is a rolling carry-on with detachable daypack.  It truly is an all-in-one luggage system.  The backpack has a checkpoint-friendly laptop compartment for up to 17” laptops.  This feature is a handy plus.  It has ample storage space for short to intermediate length trips.  This high-quality 3-in-1 luggage offers the perfect combination of qualities we recommend: it is lightweight, durable, and compact.

The detachable daypack easily allows one to pre-arrange your daypack necessities in a separate compartment so you are pre-prepared for touring.  Eagle Creek makes this and many other fine travel products.  They truly know what a traveler needs when they need it.  We highly recommend Eagle Creek products.  They are well-thought-out and well-made.

You can find this great piece here at www.Magellans.com.

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