Set Your Desk A World Apart!

Levitron Anti-Gravity Globe

If you want to make a visit to your office memorable, why not get a globe?  When travel is your passion, what could be more inspiring?

We recently discovered globes that will make your head spin.  These globes will set your desk a world apart!  They are great for both work and home.  We also recommend them as the perfect gift for the person who has everything!  Fascinations carries a top-notch assortment of globes of various sizes and types.  During our review of these globes, we found ourselves mesmerized for extended periods of time as we watched them levitate.  They also make a great conversation piece.  Everyone who sees them in our office says, “How fascinating!”

Levitron Anti-Gravity Globe – This globe is a popular choice among NASA engineers, scientists, and professors in related fields.

City Lights – This globe is a colorful, useful globe for referencing countries by day.  By night, it illuminates the city lights around the world as seen from space.

Levitron World Executive Pen Set – This unique pen set will surely set your desk apart.  This is the perfect gift for the executive who has everything!

Everyone who comes into your office will surely do a double-take when they see them.  You can find these great globes and more at

Rating: 4 out of 5 Stars.

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World Executive Pen Set

City Lights Globe

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