Expand Your Horizons, Not Your Luggage With Three-In-One Luggage

AT505 by High Sierra Sport

   I love to travel, but I do not like to haul heavy luggage around.  Finding the right luggage for my needs has proven a greater task than I thought. I tried several bags, cases, and systems. After talking to lots of savvy travelers, I have discovered the secret art of traveling light.
     I have all of my clothes separated by using clear storage bags to tightly roll them up in. That way, I can store more in a smaller space. I also experimented with taking less and washing smaller items each night, letting them dry over night and using a blow dryer to finish them off in the morning. I can dry my socks in 1-2 minutes each morning this way.
     Gone are the days that I bring enough socks and underwear for every day of the trip. Now, 3-4 pair of each along with two pair of zip off pants, 3-4 shirts, a swim suit and a few t-shirts, and two pair of shoes make up my luggage for a two week trip.
The perfect suitcase for the job?  We recommend the A.T. Go 505 by High Sierra Sport.  We tested it, tried it, and love it.
This single case has everything you could ever want and need for a weekend or a trip to Europe. Not only does it roll, it also has a zip off backpack. The removable backpack is light but completely useful for transporting things to your destination, as well as taking it out for the day once you arrive. It has both top, and side carry handles, making this a bag that you can get to, and from, any position easily.
     The larger part of the system is laid out very well and has a hidden pocket behind the backpack position so you can keep private things private while traveling. The AT 505 also has hidden backpack straps so I can backpack the whole case to and from your destination if you wish.
Furthermore, we packed two weeks of clothes and backpacked the AT505 with no trouble at all. We thought it would be really heavy, but we were surprised at how easy it was to pack. Being able to carry the 505 in so many different ways makes it the most user friendly travel case I have ever used.
     Let me tell you that with the AT505, you will never fight another suitcase up or down stairs again, and being able to backpack the whole case is a real advantage.
You can find it here at www.HighSierraSport.com.
Rating: 5 Stars!  Best!
~ Keith Lee
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