Comfortably Read Your iPad and Kindle With The Peeramid

Peeramid Bookrest

We recently discovered a product designed to help iPad and Kindle lovers to read with ease: the Peeramid Bookrest.  The Peeramid Bookrest is a lightweight pyramid-shaped pillow with grooves designed to hold your iPad or Kindle so you don’t have to!  All our reviewers are true fanatics of this great invention.  The Peeramid makes a great travel accessory both for business and personal travel.  The Peeramid comes in a variety of colors and materials to suit your preferences.  It is made by Hog Wild Toys.  We highly recommend it for use with your iPad and Kindle.  However, we did find that it was not tall enough to support magazines or other softcover reading materials.  We recommend the taupe Peeramid.  It has pockets to hold your pens and bookmarks.  This product truly is an ideal match for E-Readers.  We highly recommend it!

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Product Rating:  5 Stars!  Best!

Peeramid Bookrest

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