Louis Garneau Pro Suit

As I get further into endurance racing, I have found the desire to do more, and have the proper equipment for these events. Part of a successful race is the proper clothing. Wearing the wrong bike shorts, or top can cause chafing, or other things to focus on rather than the task at hand. The “Pro Suit” by Louis Garrneau is the perfect suit for someone looking to move to the next level of equipment.
Getting into the “LG Pro Suit” is somewhat like putting on a suit that would fit one’s little brother. However, once it is zipped up, the technology takes over, and it feels like you are getting a constant massage. I tested the suit while biking.   At no time did any part of the suit bind, chafe, or hinder me in any way. I almost forgot I had it on. The compression technology did a great job of not letting me feel uncomfortable while it worked its magic.
The suit looks great and is very well made. The padding is adequate, yet is not so much as to interfere with running.  AIwill definitely recommend wearing this suit in a  triathlon as well as during training. Find out more on the “LG Pro Suit” at www.louisgarneau.com,
Rating: 4 Stars!  Very good!
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