Luxury Home Massage At Your Fingertips

Coronado LX Massage Table

While it is quite enjoyable to visit a spa and receive a good massage, nothing compares to treating yourself to a massage  in the comfort of your own home.   We recently discovered a company which makes professional-grade massage tables for personal home use.  Master Massage Tables offers a variety of well-thought-out massage tables to meet your specific criteria.

We recommend the 30″ Coronado LX. This deluxe table is the Cadillac of Massage Tables.  We tried it and found it to truly be the “best of the best” for home massage.  The Coronado LX will provide you with a salon-quality massage experience in your own home.  The Coronado LX boasts 3 inches of foam padding and a deluxe head cradle for superior relaxation.  The Coronado LX also contains a heated pad which can be adjusted to the user’s preferred comfort.

As much as we loved this table, we also loved the wonderful accessories that come with it.  Accessories include an arm cradle, which makes a world of difference in relaxation; many massage tables on the market today do not include an arm cradle.  The table also comes with a comfort bolster (a long, narrow, and sturdy foam pillow), 75 soft headrest covers, and a 4-CD set of wonderfully relaxing massage music.  These accessories set it apart from other massage table packages.

Currently, the Coronado LX is on sale.  It would make a thrilling gift for the holidays, a birthday, anniversary, or any other special occasion.  You can find it here at  We highly recommend it!

"Excellent!" 5 Stars!

Rating: 5-Star Best!

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