Get A Great Night’s Sleep Camping With This!

El Diente

Nothing beats a cozy night’s sleep when camping.  Yet when cold weather sets in, not all sleeping bags will provide equal warmth.  When camping in cold weather, we strongly advise taking a down-filled sleeping bag.  Doing so will guarantee a great night’s sleep snuggled in feathery warmth.

We recently tested the El Diente by Mountainsmith.  This great sleeping bag provided optimum coziness and warmth.  El Diente is designed for people as tall as 6′ 4″.  Yet it fits quite compactly into its own sack.  The El Diente also provides mummy-like protection to your head by containing a form-fitting adjustable hood.

When our reviewers tried it, no one wanted to get out of it!  The snuggly warmth of El Diente envelopes you and you feel like you’re in heaven!

Rating: 4 Stars!  Very Good!

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