Best Picnic Supplies

It’s Picnic Time! We mean that in more ways than one. If you are looking for top-quality picnic supplies, we recommend Picnic Time. Their motto is “So much more than picnic!”. It is really true.

We tried three most-have items which will turn your picnic into a luxury affair. Here they are!

Picnic Time Blanket Tote

Sunshine Blanket Tote

A sturdy and comfortable picnic blanket is a must-have. Picnic Time’s Blanket Tote comes in a variety of colors to create your desired ambiance. The Blanket Tote is durable and lasting. It is soft and luxurious on one side and waterproof on the other. Best of all, this blanket folds up into a small rectangular tote with a carry strap. It is easy to fold and lightweight to carry.

Oniva Seat Deluxe

Oniva Seat

The Oniva Seat is a must-have for picnics as well as any outdoor gathering. This amazing portable seat is very comfortable and folds into a disk shape with a strap for easy carrying. It is great for the outdoors. We have tested several portable outdoor seats, but the Oniva Seat is truly the best seat in the house (and out of it as well!). It comes in a variety of colors. When we tested this product, our reviewers behaved like little children. “Let me sit in it!” “Now it’s my turn!” This is a great product that every outdoor lover needs. If you are an avid reader, this chair will give you the comfort and support you need to read your books and relax at picnics.

Java Express

Java Express

Java Express is another product from Picnic Time that we highly recommend. When you are on a picnic, hiking, or on a walk, few things are more wonderful than enjoying a fresh cup of coffee in the beauty of nature. Java Express is a well-designed coffee backpack tote that contains everything you need to have a great cup of coffee in hot or cold weather. If you plan to go camping, we recommend taking the Java Express with you. Wake up early on a crisp morning, walk or hike to your favorite outdoor vista, and then have an early morning coffee picnic while watching the sunrise. Or have a sunset picnic while enjoying a night cap. You can even bring hot chocolate for the kids. You’ll love Java Express.

You can find these great products and more by visiting Picnic Time at

Rating: 5 Stars Best!

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