Decompress Your Stress!

Teeter Hang Ups

Tired, aching muscles? Headaches?  Neckaches? Backaches?  Do you spend hours setting at a desk, computer, or extended meetings?  Never before in our history has so much demand been placed on our time and energy.  In today’s fast-paced world, with the advent of our current electronic media, we are constantly being bombarded with information and have less and less free time for ourselves and our family.  Day after day, we spend hours in traffic.  In each of these situations, stress grows stronger as our bodies grow weaker.

Finding a simple and effective way to find our body decompress, returning to its natural, relaxed state can make the difference in a long, healthy life or one filled with stress, anxiety, and disease.  We found a straightforward, effective way to relieve stress and decompress (literally!) in a matter of minutes: an inversion bed.

We tried the Teeter Hang-ups  EP-550.  It is easy and simple to use.  With a little practice, you will master the art of stress reduction, take the pressure off of your spine, and relieve aching, tired muscles while gaining better blood flow and natural stretching.

There are various degrees of inversion so that a beginner can get noticeable relief just as a long-time user will.  When we tested this product, the relief our testers experienced was unmistakable.  Each tester enjoyed a relaxing session in the inversion table and came away in a state of greater rest and relaxation than they did when they started.

This inversion table is very comfortable and well-built.  It folds and stores easily and efficiently.  This inversion table will reduce your exasperation at the stresses of business and life because you know you will be able to go home and relax.

You can find it here at

Rating: 5 Stars!  We highly recommend it!

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