Tuscano Crossbody Bag For Sleek Traveler Style

Avid travelers that we are, we are always in search of the perfect day bag. Tucano makes a sturdy, stylish crossbody bag that has become a preferred travel bag here at Best Of The Best. It makes getting organized easy! This bag has 3 compartments. We use the outer compartment to store our wallet, business cards, brush/comb, and other essentials. We use the second compartment to carry our travel guide, journal, and/or small netbook computer. The third compartment, an interior pocket, is perfect for carrying our itinerary and plane tickets. Its sleek, sophisticated, unadorned design lends to use by both male and female travelers. We tried the Finatex Multimedia Vertical Messenger bag in Coffee. You can find it here at Tucanousa.com.

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