U.S. Divers Snorkel Set

Do you love to snorkel? Do you wish there was a compact set of snorkel gear that would easily fit into you day pack or carry on luggage? Well there is!

We planned a European vacation, and snorkeling was going to occupy a large part of our daytime activities . I discovered a great snorkel set from U.S. Divers. The mask and snorkel were great, but the fins were the best item in the set. They were shorter than my scuba fins, so they were easier to pack. They worked great and I was able to go everywhere I wanted to go with little effort. The bag is a clear bag with a mesh pocket to protect the mask. It even has a shoulder strap if you need it. All I did was throw the bag in my suitcase and I knew that everything was there!

You can find this great snorkel set and more at www.USDivers.com.

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