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PacSafe DaySafe 100 at

We had the opportunity to review another fine product by one of our favorite companies, PacSafe.  Travel today seems to be more casual and almost everyone is carrying a backpack.  Backpacks are the overnight luggage of choice for casual travelers.  Choosing a backpack can be very confusing because certain backpacks have more features than others.  However, a word to the travel wise: if you are going to take a bag rather than a suitcase, choose one that offers security.

Nothing can take the wind out of your travel sails like a pickpocket slashing your bag and running off with your wallet, camera, or other valuables. Looking to find the most secure and reliable backpack on the market today, we found the “best of the best” at, the EEE backpack by PacSafe.  This backpack is made with Exomesh anti-theft technology.  Exomesh is a tamper-resistant mesh material made of lightweight steel.  It is slashproof and sturdy yet lightweight.  This backpack has so many safety and quality features, you have to see it to believe it!  It has ample storage compartments, zippers, and pockets.  It also has a “portable safe” which is a hidden inner bag which is protected under lock and key and also removable.  In addition to these great qualities, it has a steel cable that can be used to secure this backpack to a pole or other immovable object so that no one can grab it and run while you are napping or looking the other way at a cafe, airport, airplane, bus, or other place that involves sitting and waiting.

5 Stars!

As with all products offered by Magellans, the DaySafe 100 by PacSafe looks and feels professional from the moment you open the package.

This truly is “The Fort Knox of Backpacks!”  DaySafe 100 is the ultimate backpack for travel safety.  You can find it at here.

We give this product a 5-star “Best Of The Best” rating.

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