Magellans Travel Product Recommendations Fall 2013


VaultPro RFID Fast Track Organizer

Mini Pocket Monocular

Oh, say, can you see? With the Mini Pocket Monocular, you can. This Monocular won’t take up room like binoculars. And it still gives you the ability to see items far away. Built with 7X magnification and lightweight design, you’ll want to bring it along everywhere. Includes case, lanyard and lens cloth.

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Travel LCD Alarm Clock

Compact yet easy to read, Magellan’s Travel LCD Alarm Clock is sure to become a fast travel favorite. It’s gray, so you will be less likely to leave it behind than you might if it were black.

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VaultPro RFID Fast Track Organizer

Serious travelers know the best way to travel is as lightly as possible. For women, this means choosing a purse that won’t weigh you down. In our opinion, every woman needs an ultra-small crossbody to carry her essentials. Magellans makes an ideal fit for your need. The VaultPro RFID Fast Track Organizer is small yet spacious. Specially-designed compartments will carry your essentials. Lipstick, mints, billfold, and airline tickets will all fit in this handy carrier.

Best of all, it has RFID blocking technology.

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Product ratings: 3 stars!  Good!

Magellans offers a vast array of travel products which contribute to optimal travel experiences.  We regard them as a “best of the best” travel product supplier.

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