Keep Your Camera Safe While Traveling

CarrySafe 100

As travel lovers, our cameras are the most prized travel accessories we take on the road.  Cameras are a window to the special moments in time we experience in our travels.  Once, one of our photojournalists went on a trip to the Bible lands.  He took several photos while there.  Unfortunately, he lost his camera bag on a camel ride in Morocco when the desert winds carried it off into oblivion.  From now on, he will always keep an extra eye on his camera and bag.

PacSafe makes CamSafe 200,  a steel-mesh reinforced camera bag which will keep your camera safe from pickpockets and thieves alike.  PacSafe also makes CarrySafe 100, a camera strap which contains a comfortable strap with reinforced slashproof steel cable.  Both items are slashproof.  They are a must-have for serious photographers and leisure travel photographers alike.

You can find both of these great products and more at

Rating: 4 Stars! Very Good!

CamSafe 200

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