Best Travel T-Shirt

Men's Travel T-Shirt

Best Travel T-Shirt
By Keith Lee, Best Rated Reviews

We recently discovered what we believe to be the best travel t-shirt available anywhere. And when I tested it, all I could say is, “Where can I get more of these?!”.

I live in the South where the temperature has already been over 100 several days. The humidity is usually very high as well, so trying to look fresh while visiting clients is a challenge. I sweat fairly heavily, so I am always trying to find ways to “beat the heat.”

I have tried several “so called” cool shirts that are supposed to keep you cool on the hottest days. Nothing has worked, until now.

Finally, I tried the Men’s Travel T Shirt from Magellans. It is supposed to wick water away from you, keeping you dry and cool. Yeah, right. To my utter surprise, it works!

I decided to try it on a day when the temperature reached 100 degrees and the humidity was high. We are in a drought here in Texas so I went out to water all the plants and yard which is a major task here. As I worked, I felt the sweat running down my back, but my shirt was dry. I started taking note of the condition of the shirt as I worked. I wiped my brow on a sleeve several times. In just a few moments, the sleeve was dry. How can they do that?

After all day outside in the heat, I came in and my shirt was dry, I was dry, and not to give too much information, but I did not even smell like a goat after a full day in the sun!

I travel quite a bit so I decided to see if the shirt really dried fast like the advertisement said, so I hand washed the shirt and hung it in the shower for the night. The next morning, the only dampness was the lining of the pocket. A minute of blow drying this small area and the pocket was dry.

I am going to buy four or five more of these to wear as T- shirts or as under shirts during the summer.

I highly recommend these for anyone that has a challenge staying fresh and dry while dealing with summer weather.

You can find this extraordinary shirt here at

Rating: 5-Stars! Best!

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Fortified Travel Backpack by PacSafe

PacSafe DaySafe 100 at

We had the opportunity to review another fine product by one of our favorite companies, PacSafe.  Travel today seems to be more casual and almost everyone is carrying a backpack.  Backpacks are the overnight luggage of choice for casual travelers.  Choosing a backpack can be very confusing because certain backpacks have more features than others.  However, a word to the travel wise: if you are going to take a bag rather than a suitcase, choose one that offers security.

Nothing can take the wind out of your travel sails like a pickpocket slashing your bag and running off with your wallet, camera, or other valuables. Looking to find the most secure and reliable backpack on the market today, we found the “best of the best” at, the EEE backpack by PacSafe.  This backpack is made with Exomesh anti-theft technology.  Exomesh is a tamper-resistant mesh material made of lightweight steel.  It is slashproof and sturdy yet lightweight.  This backpack has so many safety and quality features, you have to see it to believe it!  It has ample storage compartments, zippers, and pockets.  It also has a “portable safe” which is a hidden inner bag which is protected under lock and key and also removable.  In addition to these great qualities, it has a steel cable that can be used to secure this backpack to a pole or other immovable object so that no one can grab it and run while you are napping or looking the other way at a cafe, airport, airplane, bus, or other place that involves sitting and waiting.

5 Stars!

As with all products offered by Magellans, the DaySafe 100 by PacSafe looks and feels professional from the moment you open the package.

This truly is “The Fort Knox of Backpacks!”  DaySafe 100 is the ultimate backpack for travel safety.  You can find it at here.

We give this product a 5-star “Best Of The Best” rating.

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BEST Travel Accessories Product Award for World Travel 2010

BEST Award 2010

BEST Travel Accessories Product Award for World Travel 2010:  World Grounding Adapter Set by Magellans

Traveling overseas? Traveling to Europe or Asia? Traveling around the world? Here’s a tip of the week for you! Most electrical outlets outside of the U.S. are not compatible to ours. Don’t wait to arrive at your destination only to find out that none of your electrical devices will work because you don’t have the correct electrical converter. Carrying a multi-adapter kit provides an easy, efficient solution to this problem. Magellans carries one of the best we have seen. The World Adapter Set is a comprehensive collection of every outlet converter you could possibly need around the world, with a handy guide telling you which converter to use where, in a mesh bag with a drawstring closure.

World Grounding Adapter Set by Magellans

This travel set is made and offered by Magellans.  We have been consistently impressed and satisfied with all products from Magellans Travel Supplies.  They are an excellent company with an excellent selection and reliable quality.

Competitors we considered: Ex Officio, Travelsmith

You can find the World Grounding Adaptor Plug Set here.

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