Best Feather Bed

Euro Rest Feather Bed

Am I in Heaven?

If you’ve ever laid on a feather bed, this is the only thought that crosses your mind: Am I in heaven?  Our readers and clients asked us to find the “best of the best” in today’s feather beds.  We found it!

The Pacific Coast Euro Rest Feather Bed is a cut above.  It delivers the perfect combination of comforting embrace and fluff.  Other feather bed mattresses we tried were too thin or too dense.  The Euro Rest Feather Bed is just right.  Even Goldilocks would think so!

After a hard day’s work or play, a good night’s sleep can be a refuge-if you get one. Sleeping on the Euro Rest Feather Bed is like sleeping on a cloud.  Pacific Coast makes high-quality, hypoallergenic products which will last for years to come.  The Euro Rest Feather Bed is a must-have for anyone who truly wants to sleep luxuriously every night.  This feather bed will give you the best night of sleep you have ever had.  You will sleep like a baby!  All of our reviewers agree!

Now, all we need Pacific Coast to make is a portable Euro Rest travel mat.  Wouldn’t that be heavenly?

You can find the Euro Rest Feather Bed and more at

Rating: 5 Stars!  Best!


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