Pacsafe Slashproof Bags A Must-Have For Travelers

Pacsafe Slashproof Bags

Pacsafe slashproof bags are a must-have for travelers.  Pacsafe makes high-quality slashproof bags that will last you for years to come.

All PacSafe travel gear is made with zipper pullers which attach to security hooks, slashproof straps, and eXomesh body panels. Pacsafe products contain RFID blocking pockets to protect your credit cards and passports from identity theft. Each product contains a large tag explaining all slashrpoof features.

We recently reviewed the following and highly recommend them:

Venturesafe 150 Cross Body – This pack is especially great for adventure travelers and guys looking for a comfortable slimline slashproof bag.

Slingsafe 300 GII Backpack – The Slingsafe 300 GII is water repellant. It is spacious enough to hold an iPad or 13: laptop. It also contains an umbrella side pocket and water bottle pocket.

Slingsafe 200 GII Shoulder Bag – This shoulder bag is a sleek purse which is just large enough to carry everything women need for travel. It is spacious yet compact. It offers sophisticated protection without bulk.

Citysafe 350 GII Backpack – We give this backpack our “Best Rated Seal of Approval”! It truly is the “best of the best”. We liked that it was a smaller version of the Slingsafe 300 with all the same features yet in miniature. We especially liked the shoulder straps; they are thin and sturdy, making for a winning combination for travel. This backpack is built especially for women. You’ll love it.

Citysafe 350 can carry at 13″ laptop, iPad, and more.

Find these great slashproof bags and more at

Rating: 5 Stars! Best!

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Pack safe with Pacsafe Antitheft Bags

Ultimatesafe 32L

Safety and security are one of the highest priorities of saavy travelers.  The best way to protect your belongings so you can achieve worry-free travel is to carry anti-theft luggage.

Our recommendation:

Pacsafe makes a wide variety of travel gear for all of your travel needs.  We tested three of their newest products: a travel backpack, a day pack, and a hand bag.

Here’s what we found:

Pacsafe Anti-Theft Travel Backpack: Ultimatesafe 32L (new)

Internationally acclaimed, this backpack is the world’s most secure backpack.  It won the OutDoor Industry award in Germany, 2011 for innovation and quality.

This backpack is the ideal size for long weekend getaways.  It contains a 20L portable safe.  It also contains a removable laptop sleeve.

Metrosafe 200

Metrosafe 200

Every traveler needs a reliable day bag.  Metrosafe 200 is a crossbody bag designed to hold all you need for a day of touring.  The bag contains a neon green or orange liner which makes it easier to find what you are looking for.


Slingsafe 250

Slingsafe 250

The Slingsafe 250 is an anti-theft hand bag with a sporty design.  It is water-repellant.  It is just the right size for women on the go.

All of these Pacsafe bags contain RFID-blocking capabilities.  Your passport, credit cards, and id card all contain an RFID microchip which contains your personal information.  Someone can easily access this information up to 10 feet away from you with an RFID reader.  Before you know it, identity theft has taken place.

Anti-theft bags help to protect your peace of mind when you travel.  They are a must-have.  Pacsafe makes the “best of the best” in anti-theft bags.  They are the most comfortable and stylish antitheft bags we have found. We highly recommend them.

Rating: 5 Stars!  Best!

Find these great products and more at



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Keep Your Camera Safe While Traveling

CarrySafe 100

As travel lovers, our cameras are the most prized travel accessories we take on the road.  Cameras are a window to the special moments in time we experience in our travels.  Once, one of our photojournalists went on a trip to the Bible lands.  He took several photos while there.  Unfortunately, he lost his camera bag on a camel ride in Morocco when the desert winds carried it off into oblivion.  From now on, he will always keep an extra eye on his camera and bag.

PacSafe makes CamSafe 200,  a steel-mesh reinforced camera bag which will keep your camera safe from pickpockets and thieves alike.  PacSafe also makes CarrySafe 100, a camera strap which contains a comfortable strap with reinforced slashproof steel cable.  Both items are slashproof.  They are a must-have for serious photographers and leisure travel photographers alike.

You can find both of these great products and more at

Rating: 4 Stars! Very Good!

CamSafe 200

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Travel Tote Provides Style And Safety

PacSafe Travel Tote

If you are looking for a secure, well-fortified travel tote for professional use, we have a recommendation for you!  Pacsafe makes a stylish, reinforced travel tote that ensures optimum protection for your belongings but also provides a measure of sophistication.  We tried the CitySafe Series Travel Tote (dark taupe color).  This great bag contains several notable features to ensure optimum travel safety: a tamperproof zipper, shoulder straps embedded with stainless steel wire, and slashproof wire mesh reinforcement.  You can also clip your bag to a table or chair while relaxing or eating in order to avoid a “snatch and run” thief.  All of our reviewers take PacSafe products wherever we go.  They are a sure bet for travel safety!

You can find this great travel tote here and more at

Rating: 5-Stars!  We highly recommend it!

Buy Now!

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PacSafe TourSafe Travel Tote

PacSafe TourSafe Travel Tote

If you are looking for a great bag to carry your laptop and presentation materials, the slashproof TourSafe Travel Tote is your best bet.  This roomy shoulder bag contains pockets for all of your business essentials yet has the appearance of a large purse.  This is a great bag for professional women who travel.  It is also a great tote for souvenirs.  We give it a 4-star rating.  You can find it here.

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Perfect Daytrip Bag PacSafe VentureSafe 300

PacSafe VentureSafe 300 Day Bag offered by

Going to spend the day with friends?  Don’t feel like carrying a backpack but want your belongings to be secure?

If you are looking for the perfect DayTrip Bag, we have found the bag for you!  The VentureSafe 300 by PacSafe is a fortified day bag with a comfortable shoulder strap.    This bag is the perfect size to hold your itinerary, guide books, and other necessities.

This bag contains external pockets for your water bottle or umbrella as well as 3 compartments which are hidden away inside.  This bag contains a secret compartment in the middle to keep your most valued objects unnoticed, even when you are using your bag for other purposes.  You can even fit a 13″ laptop or netbook in this state-of-the-art bag.

The VentureSafe 300 is made with slash-proof exomesh antitheft technology.  The slash-proof shoulder strap is reinforced with a hidden steel cable.  The shoulder strap doubles as a security lock you can wrap around a pole or other fixed object to keep someone from running off with your bag.

5 Stars!

Two external pockets are also well-protected from unauthorized entry by small steel cables and hidden security latches.  The safety features and comfortable shoulder strap make this bag effortless to carry all day.  This bag prohibits “rob and run” quick pickpocketing because even the zippers fasten to a hidden security latch.

Nothing is better than worry-free travel.  We highly recommend this bag.  It is a must-have for travel and leisure.  You can find it here at

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Fortified Travel Backpack by PacSafe

PacSafe DaySafe 100 at

We had the opportunity to review another fine product by one of our favorite companies, PacSafe.  Travel today seems to be more casual and almost everyone is carrying a backpack.  Backpacks are the overnight luggage of choice for casual travelers.  Choosing a backpack can be very confusing because certain backpacks have more features than others.  However, a word to the travel wise: if you are going to take a bag rather than a suitcase, choose one that offers security.

Nothing can take the wind out of your travel sails like a pickpocket slashing your bag and running off with your wallet, camera, or other valuables. Looking to find the most secure and reliable backpack on the market today, we found the “best of the best” at, the EEE backpack by PacSafe.  This backpack is made with Exomesh anti-theft technology.  Exomesh is a tamper-resistant mesh material made of lightweight steel.  It is slashproof and sturdy yet lightweight.  This backpack has so many safety and quality features, you have to see it to believe it!  It has ample storage compartments, zippers, and pockets.  It also has a “portable safe” which is a hidden inner bag which is protected under lock and key and also removable.  In addition to these great qualities, it has a steel cable that can be used to secure this backpack to a pole or other immovable object so that no one can grab it and run while you are napping or looking the other way at a cafe, airport, airplane, bus, or other place that involves sitting and waiting.

5 Stars!

As with all products offered by Magellans, the DaySafe 100 by PacSafe looks and feels professional from the moment you open the package.

This truly is “The Fort Knox of Backpacks!”  DaySafe 100 is the ultimate backpack for travel safety.  You can find it at here.

We give this product a 5-star “Best Of The Best” rating.

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Sure Bet For Safe Travel

PacSafe PouchSafe 100 Neck Pouch

When traveling abroad, safe and savvy travelers always carry tamperproof bags.  Tamperproof bags are a sure bet for safe travel.  They offer a smart and unexpected defense against pickpockets.  For the best tamperproof bags available on the market today, we recommend PacSafe.  First, we recommend the Pouchsafe 100 travel pouch.  The Pouchsafe 100 is a pouch that hangs around your neck and rests comfortably against your chest.  It is large enough to store your passport, credit cards, money, and other slim essentials.  The Pouchsafe 100 has a steel cable strap which makes a “slice ‘n run” theft impossible.  You can find and learn more about the Pouchsafe 100 here.

This item is a must-have.  We highly recommend it.  You can find this great PacSafe product at and  We award this product a 5-Star Rating.

5 Stars!

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