Sure Bet For Safe Travel

PacSafe PouchSafe 100 Neck Pouch

When traveling abroad, safe and savvy travelers always carry tamperproof bags.  Tamperproof bags are a sure bet for safe travel.  They offer a smart and unexpected defense against pickpockets.  For the best tamperproof bags available on the market today, we recommend PacSafe.  First, we recommend the Pouchsafe 100 travel pouch.  The Pouchsafe 100 is a pouch that hangs around your neck and rests comfortably against your chest.  It is large enough to store your passport, credit cards, money, and other slim essentials.  The Pouchsafe 100 has a steel cable strap which makes a “slice ‘n run” theft impossible.  You can find and learn more about the Pouchsafe 100 here.

This item is a must-have.  We highly recommend it.  You can find this great PacSafe product at and  We award this product a 5-Star Rating.

5 Stars!

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